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Full Johnson: GOP Attacks Press Over Trump’s Ukraine Actions | Meet The Press | NBC News

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Chair, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, turns questions over President Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president into unfounded attacks on Democrats.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Johnson: GOP Attacks Press Over Trump’s Ukraine Actions | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Go Senator Johnson. Chuck Todd–you are vulnerable to attacks as the press–because you cannot accept that the press –CNN/MSNBC are biased and we the people can see it. What is worse. Biden's son getting paid $50,000/month or asking someone to investigate it. NO We do not trust the FBI. Which is worse—Hillary and the DNC destroying our Democracey/Bernie and taking away the primaries from Bernie and our Democratic party. The sad thing Chuck is you are not honest.

  2. Chuck Todd – we only deal with the truth, but I believe comey when he said he can't see an issue with hillarys lies under oath or her emails deleted and smashed, ignore hillarys involvement in the fake dossier, deny her rigging of the dnc nomination, deny her rigging of debate questions, deny her husbands meeting with loretta lynch on the tar mac before Comey let her of, doesn't want to look into Biden's blatantly obvious questionable dealings, ignore obamas hot mic statement about more flexibility after the election, ignore the constant illegal leaks, ignore the partisan unethical sham impeachment process, ignore schift and his offices involvement with the whistle blower prior to this sham, ignore the tweets by the whistle blowers lawyer about impeach and #coup only a week after trumps inauguration, dont investigate brennan, mccabe, rosenstein or any of the career crooks. But believe chuck when he says he only wants and deals with the truth 😂😂😂😂

  3. Off course we don't trust the FBI AND CIA! AND NSA!

  4. Chuck Todd the democrat tied stooge and his wife Kristian Denny Todd, She is a communications professional and co-founder of Maverick Strategies and Mail, which provides direct mail and consulting services for Democratic candidates and progressive causes. She was the spokesperson for the successful U.S. Senate campaign of Senator Jim Webb in 2006. They are hacks that don't deserve the respect of being spoken to.

  5. Chuck Todd is such a fn dumb democrat.

  6. Even if they argue his view is wrong… at least Johnson seemed to be honestly presenting his point of view.

    Tip, A good trick is to acknowledge what the other person said before making your own arguments.

  7. Chuck Todd needs to cut jerks like this off when they refuse to answer the questions.

  8. Why does the gop always paint trump as a victim? They were singing a different tune during the obama administration

  9. Ron Johnson is rambling. He wont answer the question. He goes off on tangents.

  10. Ok, two FBI Agents come up to you, and say, "Hey I just want to ask you a few questions." What do you say, "Oh sure I trust you guys" How about, General Flynn, & Comey & Mueller's 2001 "Antrax case", etc. etc.

  11. Never seen? Hummm would you happen to know a man…black man, named Obama lmao… this dude

  12. Mr Johnson is showcasing some of that good ol fashioned Wisconsin GOP shitstorm. I reAlly miss Scott Walker. He was such an enlightened intellectual. Johnson and Walker seem connected at the hip. Utter rubbish.

  13. I want to see this guys financials … Who paying his bills besides the tax payers.

  14. Chuck, Why do you let him do that on tv?

  15. Gee….why do the GOP continue to spread the Kremlin based LYING narrative that they were briefed about…they know it is Putin's BS?


  17. Unbelievable. he was stupid hypocritical today. Liars don’t heal.

  18. Remove this Fat Donnie Henchman from office immediately

  19. Chuck Todd you are correct about Trump, but the fact that you only choose to care about these things when it's a republican doing them and the fact the media is clearly bias, that makes you a despicable partisan. No consistency. Democrats and Hillary are clearly just as corrupt

  20. Why is it the democratic party, or the rpeublican party are always best friends with the CIA or FBI or "intelligence communities".. when those communities help their own narrative but the second it doesn't they are comfortable saying "of course I dont trust the CIA"… Why would ANYONE in this country trust our intelligence communities. They have betrayed the will of the people OVER AND OVER AND OVER. YET? the democrats are acting like they are just good hardworking patriots. What about the wars initiated by the CIA all over this planet? What about their failure to protect us from Saudi financed 9/11? what about the way they treated civil rights leaders?

  21. So tired of Trump's Chumps playing dodge-ball and ignoring the facts. Chuck needs to cut their Mics when these idiots start rambling BS. Better yet, walk off the set and leave people like Sen. Ron Johnson to sit there all alone, just to watch his reaction. Pathetic Senator.

  22. Like the GOP or hate them but Chuck Todd is the absolute worst.

  23. the deep state is in panic mode! THE STORM IS COMING!!

  24. Johnsons always been a tool….soon he will be gone from our state politics.

  25. "I've never in my life time have never seen a president have well wishes from the other side."

    Really?!?! Well Senator let me educate you.

    "The most important thing we want to achieve is to make this president (Obama) a one term president." – Mitch McConnell September 20, 2010.

  26. How does Chuck Todd keep a audience his viewers must be mentally challenged or get all there news from him lmfao

  27. Senator Johnson should be ashamed.

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