Full Panel: Sanders Leads A Tight Race In Iowa As Impeachment Takes Shape | Meet The Press | NBCNews

Andrea Mitchell, Yamiche Alcindor, David French and Steve Inskeep join the Meet The Press roundtable to discuss the competing timelines for impeachment and for the Iowa caucus.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Panel: Sanders Leads A Tight Race In Iowa As Impeachment Takes Shape | Meet The Press | NBCNews


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  1. Typical three Bolsheviks and one moderate Conservative. At least Meet the Press is consistent with their panel…

  2. If elected celebration plans:
    Buttigieg planning vacation in middle east with his husband
    Warren planning a pow wow
    Biden planning to ask Putin for job for his son
    Sanders planning via his private jet a big dinner feast in Venezuela.
    I'm just kidding of course in case you didn't know.

  3. We gotta invade iran to save american.people and iran VOTE TRUMP 2020

  4. I just want to hear Chuck Todd say he was wrong about Bernie.

  5. Buttigieg strikes me as an argumentative high schooler when he debates. His responses are swift, clever, and lacking substance.

  6. You Democrat puppet don't have a chance against you master president trump.

  7. Great these fool's want a a leftests socialist who loves the Russian political system in office. President Trump rules and Democrats are fool's.

  8. I would vote for ANY of the candidates stool sample over diaper donny.
    Bernie, Elizabeth, Andrew or Pete 2020

  9. Interesting panel gathered here.

  10. I love how this panel believes in their own relevancy. Cute.

  11. Comrade Sanders is well trained, he knows who pays his bills. He will once again turn coat and vote for the elitist we picked at the corporate level.

  12. Republicans seems to love war . But people need to understand what war does to families but Republicans does not seem to care. As a ex navy wife it is hard and emotional and worry about your husband or wife and so does the the rest of the family .

  13. Don’t just get outraged at the news—
    Donate to Bernie!
    Vote Bernie 2020!

    We can do this!

  14. So funny the FULL PANEL look at them not a single pertinent question about anything how convenient for Nancy 😛😛😛🐸🐸🐸😃😃😃😎😎😎🐥🐥🐥

  15. the Republicans will make it unwatchable with their nonsense grandstanding and everybody hates this president foolishness. Most people already know who they are voting for and your polls mean nothing

  16. god, i've never seen Inskeep and i'ts blowing my mind watching that voice come out of that man.

  17. If people get expelled from school for fighting trump shout be in prison for being a radicalist

  18. Pelosi and the corporate Dems intentionally timed this sham impeachment up and their corporate Republican buddies will drag it out long enough to damage Bernie.

  19. The only anti war democrat running is Tulsi and that's why the pro war meet the press will never being her up.

  20. I can't be the only one that thinks Yameech looks like an ugly beast.

  21. Bernie Sanders is 78 years old he's much too old to be president United States.
    He recently had a heart attack. Remember he'll be 79 in September

  22. Veterans rolling over in their graves at the thought of this communist running for POTUS.

  23. Four democrats and a RINO talking about Trump! Ukraine Biden has no chance. Comrade Bernie is going all the way to the top. Trump 2020.😅😅😅😅😅😅

  24. If I was going to vote on someone that served it would be Tulsi.

  25. The truth will come out in a Senate trial and it will be great for Trump. Biden is a pedo, soooo?

  26. Pete loses with foreign policy because he is a war hawk.

  27. Emotional connection to Biden? Biden is only electability. There is no emotional connection to him.


  29. Pelosi and the DNCC want Biden to run against trump. They will take anyone but Bernie and Warren. Holding back the Articles of Impeachment has many advantages for how Pelosi wants things to go.

  30. SANDERS wont denounce ANTIFA.
    ANTIFA is financially supported by NAMBLA,

  31. What a bunch of idiots,J
    I presume you're all fk tards

  32. Like an upset in Iowa with Klobachar ! We Shall see !

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