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Full Panel: Social Media's Role In A Balkanised, Disinformation Space | Meet The Press | NBC News

Kara Swisher, Joshua Johnson, Susan Glasser and Matthew Continetti join the Meet The Press roundtable in a special edition discussing tech, disinformation and the social media’s role in the space.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Panel: Social Media’s Role In A Balkanised, Disinformation Space | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. What is wrong with the volume in this video?

  2. The show seemed interesting at the outset, but then their agenda showed up. It then became a comedy. Everyone (in the news media… especially conservative outlets) provides misinformation…. Well, except for Meet the Press. And the ONLY reliable suckers out their are…. Wait for it…. Republicans! Surprise surprise!

  3. What's with the low volume ? I've had to max my system volume to barely hear it.

  4. Yikes! Lots of bad hair dye here.

  5. We're living in the Twilight Zone.

  6. The biggest source of disinformation in the US is the corrupt democrat-controlled mainstream news media: NPR, PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, The NY Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, the members of this panel……etc. Thank God for talk radio and alternative news media.😊😊😊😊😊😊

  7. If you are a journalist appearing on television that dyes your hair, is your appearance a lie, a visual lie? No, then why are you dying your hair? could it be to influence your truthfulness worth by lying about your appearance? And can it then act as an extension of your journalism, dare to be trusted as gospel, or has it been bended and twisted as an extension of the truth and the marketing of oneself as journalist, bathed in a lie that is being presented with a head of hair dye? be it that all trusting blond hair dye? or is it just a plain old average youthful dark hair dye lie?

  8. Facebook is right that it shouldn't be responsible as gatekeeper for accurate information. However the problem is that certain messages get amplified by social media, and Facebook is responsible for that amplification. In the olden days if you wanted to create a meme, you might email to 100 friends, and they might choose to email to 100 friends again. Now all you have to do is LIKE something and ALL YOUR FRIENDS potentially get notices about your likes, all from a simple CLICK!
    And so this propagates both cute kitty memes, as well as political memes for outrage that generate distrust. AND I don't even have the POSSIBILITY of LIKING something without BROADCASTING it to all my friends. What nonsense!
    The default LIKE should be telling the poster than I liked something, not becoming his loudspeaker! There should be no NOTICES to my friends unless I share it. Same with public comments. Why do my friends need to see all my public arguments?
    And worse, if I fact-correct misinformation, my comment equally just leads more attention to false information! Probably a DISLIKE shouldn't exist, or not publicly, but if a post could get 100 likes and 1000 dislikes, probably that is not a post that Facebook's algorithms should be promoting.

  9. Ignorance is NOT bliss…and there are more (esp. in the U.S. but globally) who are ignorant (which is different from being un-educated or intellectually challenged) than there seem to have been ever before. There's no fixing stupid. If you are able to read but refuse to do so; if you have two good ears but refuse to listen with an open heart; if you are able, take responsibility and go for it!

  10. Joshua Johnson just articulated a fundamental misunderstanding of journalism. He said journalists aren't in the information business, but in the trust business. This isn't just wrong – it's the reason Americans don't like newsmedia more than ever before. Journalism is absolutely in the information business. They earn trust by reporting that information accurately and without concern for whether people want to hear it or not. When people learn you're going to report the truth regardless of whether one groups ideology like it or not, they'll know they can trust your accuracy.

  11. So none of these individuals admit they have bias? Confirms elitism

  12. I watch C-SPAN. I watched every moment of the Schiff 3-ring Circus of Imagined Crimes. The supposed professional news media LIED TO AMERICANS!!!!! There is no trust because you guys have been unveiled as LIARS. It is not social media citizens who are lying….IT IS THE MSM AND WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK OF YOU. Tell the truth and watch the change take place…continue to lie and manipulate with your lies and watch President Trump get re-elected! STOP LYING AND BEING A MOUTHPIECE FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY

  13. Fake News media hates Trump, he exposes it and they don’t like it – not exactly a head scratcher.

  14. "There's no penalty for free speech." and that's the problem.😃

  15. Meet the Press talking misinformation 😂 ok Chuck


  17. This was an excellent subject. Money molds power. The elephant in the room, the difference between public law vs. public policy is the substance in this country. That is what has created an alternate reality. Maybe one day this will be the main subject of discussion.

  18. You guys too do the same like when you said Hillary was gonna win by double digits,misinformation is all over the network is funny that they pretend they are the holy one ,sad.

  19. In other words you trying to say you want people who don't agree with you shut down

  20. I would complain about the sound quality, but it probably saved me from another example of chuckies stupidity!!!

  21. Ha ha No sound! Social Media's In A Balkanised, Disinformation Space 😆. Greetings from Balkan!

  22. These panelists are heedless! They don’t understand people. They don’t seem to want to understand why people voted for Trump smh! They basically continue to say those people are stupid and uninformed because they don’t embrace their politics.

  23. Its is good that this is muted- Chuck is still vomititng a bunch hate for Trump. Chuck you are a pathetic host (you are note a tourist!)

  24. No audio. No captions. Next…

  25. Chuck you Todd, MSNBC or experts in disinformation, that's what they do, duh !

  26. No intelligent person just takes what they see on Facebook or Twitter as Gospel. You maggots are too partisan for that.Black guy thinks he's a showman. Funny in this discussion….

  27. The audio got really low when he said "AND IT WORKS ITS WAY INTO FAUX NEWS…"

  28. Are these pundits really going to double down on Russia Russia Russia, while lamenting the fact that lies aren't gaining more traction. Don't these people ever look in a mirror.


  30. They don't want you to hear it. It must be bad news.

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