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Full Paul: 'Turkey Was Coming In [To Syria] One Way Or Another' | Meet The Press | NBC News

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) joins Meet the Press for an exclusive interview to talk about Turkey’s attack on Kurds in Syria and the impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s involvement in Ukraine.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Paul: ‘Turkey Was Coming In [To Syria] One Way Or Another’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. I have to give Rand a lot of credit. He appears on all these talk shows which can't even disguise their statist propaganda. They unsuccessfully try to bait him into answering "gotcha" questions to try to push the fake narrative handed down by the corporate elites at the network. Rand always keeps his composure. I'd eventually start to cuss them all out

  2. LOL. NBC just got pwned by Rand Paul.

  3. What I would disagree with is that the Iraqi Kurds don't have any sympathy for the Syrian Kurds. They do, but the politicians and those close to them feel they have enough of their own problems, and they do business with Turkey. There is nothing they can do for Syrian Kurds as they see it. They have to take care of their own issues, so it's not exactly how Rand Paul portrays it. Of course, he is right that the US only has 1,000 troops in Syria. It technically could have moved more assets and men into Syria if it wanted, but fighting against Turkey, a NATO country, is problematic. However, that all said, Donald Trump's behavior was problematic. He could have clearly put his line in the sand. NATO ally or not, you have to have your redlines. He didn't care and ceded that whole area to Russia.

  4. This Video made much sense '' BUT '' Trump left the KURD's '' High & Dry '' by order of
    Turkey .

  5. Chuck Todd is a horrible human

  6. Rand Paul voted against the 9/11 First Responders bill … Vote him out!! Do not buy his book!!

  7. Trump is making Russia great again

  8. It's mind-boggling how hypocritical Democrats as well as the media is regarding Trump. Rand Paul just voiced everything in my head regarding our foreign interventionism. He's right.

  9. The liberals are only opposed to pulling our troops out because President Trump did it. They whine about abandoning our allies. The Kurds are not our allies. The reason they also were fighting ISIS was for their own self preservation. Next time a liberal whines about abandoning the Kurds, ask them if they think we should have stayed in Vietnam rather than abandon the south vietnamese.


  11. The Kurd leadership has never demonstrated the respect for "the other" or even dissident fellow Kurds that's necessary to earn a nation-state.

    Trump apparently ordered the military not to interfere with SAA deployment in NE Syria. This allowed the Kurdish leadership and Damascus government to come to an agreement for the SAA to deploy to the Turkish border and block the Turk advance. Even vital Turkish interests are protected since they will no longer have an extremist PKK affiliated statelet on their border.

  12. Chuck Todd twists Rudy's defense of his client. Rand is too deep in the moral equivalency.

  13. rand paul says screw the middle class and the poor,they dont deserve good health care like him and the republican senators, because it would be socialism, his response is it would be socialism to stop people from dying because they cant afford health care premiums and deductibles,it would be socialism to stop people from filing bankrupt because they get cancer, it would be socialism to give health care to people who lost their job to mexico and canada.only the rich deserve health care.i dont no who is worst at scewing the middle class and the poor, rand paul or mitch mcconnel ,kentucky is screwing the middle class and the poor by voting for these idiots ,we need to get them voted out in 2020 and elect bernie sanders for president.

  14. So he's making loads of factually incorrect statements just to cover this made by POTUS.

  15. Whatever Paul. You'll never make it to The Cabinet.



  17. America committed to get rid of IsIs mission accomplished. President Trump is saving our troops from a foreign war that has nothing to do with American interests.

  18. It's sad to see Meet The Press become so bias. Chuck Todd needs to go.

  19. WOW!!!! What a hypocrite!!!!!! Let the Kurds die defending themselves, while trying to justify sacrificing our troops because "Saudi Arabia pays really well"!?!?!?!?!? And then he tries to justify it by claiming that the Democratic party is just as guilty for sending people to try and find out what's actually going on??????

    What rock did he just crawl out from under??????

  20. Finally some facts… Ron is right. Also why does the media does not cover our men who died who was training the Kurds who pulled the gun on the trainer.

  21. We shouldn't have abandoned our allies, the Kurds, that fought alongside us. I don't care what Rand Paul says. You don't crap on your friends and leave them to be slaughtered.

  22. Many here are commending Rand Paul. Yet Rand Paul hasn't been a vocal critic of Trump sending more troops to Saudi Arabia. 3000 troops. That is more than were in Syria. And Rand Paul also doesn't say a word about Trump when he got off the phone with Erdogen making a snap decision that took the military by surprise to withdraw. Trump did so for his own monetary enrichment because he has a hotel in Istanbul. He is the most corrupt president ever.

  23. Asking countries to pay our cost, to use our military, is not the same thing as mercenaries.

  24. Chucky got triggered with truth


  26. The interesting thing nobody mentions is Jesus was a palestinine. isreal is a propped up state. And everybody is worshipping just an ordinary Arab.

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