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Full Rand Paul: 'Arrogant' To Use Saddam Hussein Rule To Attack Iran | Meet The Press | NBC News

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) joins Meet The Press for an exclusive interview to talk about the White House’s war powers amid escalating Iran tensions.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Rand Paul: ‘Arrogant’ To Use Saddam Hussein Rule To Attack Iran | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Simply put- Congress is a representation of all Americans. Congress needs to decide whether we go to war or commit an act of war. Without that path taken, the world will not see us as a united nation and will only try to sow discord among us.

  2. I can answer the question, why are we sending our kids (US military) to the Middle East, it's because of the oil. If there was no oil there than our kids ( US military) would not be there and the US would not care about that region. Its in the US financial interest to be there.

  3. I wish he won republican nomination

  4. You, the USA, are there for the oil, dummies! Always were. Trump is simplistic enough to recognise that it is ALWAYS about money, ALWAYS about oil. Jeez you people are naive.

  5. Did meet the press viewers ever pay attention to presidents before Trump so pathetic

  6. Chuck Todd sure tried to make trump look like a lone wolf knowing Obama slaughtered thousands with drone strikes!

  7. Did we go to war? Were we ever going to war? Bunch of hysterical morons.


  9. The real story here is that Chuck Todd just conducted an interview like an actual journalist.

  10. As much as I do not care for Sen Rand Paul, I do applaud him for speaking truth to reason and pushing back at the Trump Administration! I definitely do not believe Trump’s instincts are “pure”! Is Sen. Paul serious?!!! smh 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. Goofy GOP members…. again with the silly nonsense talking…… Duh, Mr. 45 is great but the people around him are saying and making him do the wrong things …. Really goof-balls?!!? It sounds like a 5 or 6 year old at school acting bad because his/her classmates are acting bad. Does Mr. 45 not have a mind of his own? Doesn't he pick the "best people"? Isn't he a "stable genius"? All this while at the same time he keeps criminals around him, cozies up to dictators, malign US allies, obsesses over Obama, and lies like a rug. Mr. 45 is wrong… not those advising him because he is POTUS. If they are unwilling to say that then why get on Tv and make fools of themselves saying stuff like this dude……

  12. That's what happened with the Nazis! We sent lots of troops and are still fighting them to this day!

  13. What our "friends" from the south dont realize or even think about is your actions as a country impact the lives of peoples around the world. Your presidents actions just got over 50 canadian civilians killed. Yet all you do in your media is naval gaze.
    Wake up and grow up!

  14. Rand has a much more mature and nuanced understanding of foreign policy than he did 8 years ago. This surprises me considering the zealotry of the man who raised him. It's a good surprise.

  15. Such a weak interviewer. If Obama made hundreds of killings without congress approval, this 💩 would not be news. Funking lying skunks.

  16. Jesus the man ALREADY attacked our embassy..,.he killed 100's of troops….I hate democrats for putting their hate of Trump ahead of the safety of our soldiers

  17. Democrats love their terrorists, don't they. The man responsible for Benghazi, and Trumps the bad guy. Pathetic

  18. Why is America always fighting wars in other counties to defend themselves and never in their own country. Can it be for the greedy 1% using their patriots to murder thousands of people to steal?

  19. Trump the most corrupt ever of any one person in office.He has got to be stopt, impeached and removed. He is the highest security risk in America ever. Rand Paul is now being highly respected by both parties as is Lee, for being honest and doing what is rite for America.

  20. Paul had and exasperated "Hello"! Don't blame him, he must be very mad at Trump and the confidential briefing.
    Chuck, when did you think Donald Trump will ever apologize to anything he has lied or done wrong since he was alive! 🤣😈

  21. Never forget:
    the Bowling Green Massacre

  22. Rand Paul will walk his rhetoric back in a day or two, and be right back in the cult of "Agent Orange", with the rest of his comrades…

  23. General Wesley Clark, destroy 7 Countries in 5 Years. This is from 2007: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNt7s_Wed_4 He exposes the Neo-Cons devious plans.

  24. American government are in the middle east to control the people to serve them and steal the people oil.

  25. Standing at the sight of the infamous bowling green massacre!

  26. Which side of his mouth is Paul talking out of today?

  27. You didnt send your kids to fight for Iraqi or Afghanistan. You send them to fight with them base on lies. Dont pretend like you are heroes.the problem with you people is , you keep repeating the lies till you believe them yourself. It is just that trump is so stupid that cant even give a good lie .

  28. So, what has Congress been doing for the past 17 yrs? Why was there no review and renew Claus built into the WPA. . .? Sen Paul is but a Gear in the Machine , he is not the driver. Sympathy for his hurt feelings.😧

  29. Is Rand Paul setting up his shot for Presidency? And this is actually a terrible time to bring our troops home. If we bring our troops home Iran will prob bomb America. May be best to keep the fight in the Middle east.

  30. Send the kids to war from wealthy people's families!!.They might be a little more cautious if that was the case!!

  31. People like Lindsey Graham and Tom Cotton don’t do anything for the states the represent.

  32. Questions regarding the process that lead to the killing of a foreign general are not only okay, they are absolutely necessary.

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