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Full Yang: ‘Hard-Eyed Realist’ Needed In 21st century | Meet The Press | NBC News

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang joins Meet the Press to talk about his proposal for Universal Basic Income and answers questions on his comments about Asian Americans.
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Full Yang: ‘Hard-Eyed Realist’ Needed In 21st century | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Frank Shyong just grab a beer and relax.

  2. @NBCNews are you reading these comments?

  3. Don't worry Chuck Todd, you'll get the Freedom Dividend too. As corporate cable media fades in the next 3-5 years, you're gonna need it.

  4. F you Chuck! And stop talking about Donald Trump 59 times each hour! And old attacks.

  5. I like some of Yang's ideas and really dislike some. I hope that if he does not win; he is put on the cabinet because his UBI idea is a great one. Instead of completely dismissing college debt, give everyone the UBI and let those with college debt use it to pay it off. Don't reward the people who chose to go into debt. I know people who worked two or three extra jobs just to pay off their student loans early. Would you back date loan payoffs for those individuals?



  8. Yang is our candidate guys

  9. Chuck is a jerk. Pointing that pen to your interviewer to show your disrespect? What class you have!

  10. Yes Yang is taking the country by storm.

  11. Manufacturing jobs up under President Trump and have come back. Let quote Obama “ Those jobs are never coming back” Yang a communist fooling you. Newsflash. There will not be self driving cars or trucks on US roads. Until a self driving car/truck can drive safely in a snow storm across Iowa at night in the middle of January, it’s not going to happen. Fantasy.

  12. Excuse me I don't like the tone you're using with our future president

  13. That Chuck guy seems like a real POS….


  15. Mainstream media is stupid. They associate Yang with White Supremecy. They asked that stupid question every time.

  16. Hey chuck todd. Read an economics book buddy. Specifically greg mankiw.

  17. #Yang2020 visit his policy page and donate even if it’s just $1!

  18. Chuck, Andrew is not an optimistic pessimist. Where the f did you even get that idea? Andrew is a pragmatic idealist: the most effective form of leader we badly need. Chuck just got handled nicely.

  19. Can We' get a Freedom Dividend Universal Basic Income $1.300.00 for every Usa resident. Soon the countries families income, its a great greif on budget limits.

  20. This is a tax on consumers not on the big businesses. Short simple video from EU tax service explains VAT. https://woocommerce.com/posts/vat-selling-internationally/

  21. Chuck is like the MSNBC behind the scenes technician, that was pulled on the spot to fill in for a real journalist that was late.

  22. Do we like for Yang or dislike for NBC?

  23. Simply by looking at the Youtube comments section of Andrew Yang's interview videos, it's not difficult to figure out why many people think he has the best chance of uniting the country! Do you know how hard it is to unite the Youtube comments sections?

  24. Frank Shyong is just being an Uncle Han

  25. FRONTLINE – PBS has taken on Yang's truckers' job loss issue due to automation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwK_Xk2ACaU

  26. 杨总统的此刻台湾的的看法此刻看出喜欢现货价格的过客

  27. A Democrat NBC cannot ignore. Do a full hour interview. You need the footage when he is the president.

  28. "Welcome back, my nuess guess.."

  29. not interested in watching chuck todd’s interview, he is too arrogant.

  30. Chuck's questions are edited, and he knows they are sculpted for a purpose, but he sold his soul and can't be himself.

  31. People ignore Yang and his message at their peril.

  32. White supremacists, Donald Trump, and being Asian. I mean Jesus Christ how do these people sleep at night?

  33. Less talking about Trump, Less Hate, Less Impeachment Talk= LESS $$$ for NBC!
    NBC cares about nothing but money.
    They want the controversy, the violence, and the hate so that RATING'S GO 📈🆙📈.
    NBC knows a Joe, Bernie, or Liz vs 45 will be full of insults, rambling, and yelling and they're already drooling over the possible ratings.
    Little do they know that A.Yang will soon shock the world‼️

  34. I think it's great chuck didn't ask Andrew Yang about circumcision, chuck Todd is going to become Yang gang

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