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Furthest Washing Machine Throw

Furthest Washing Machine Throw

This is no way to get your clothes clean! Australian strongman Bill Lyndon managed to throw a washing machine weighing 99lb 13oz a distance of 11ft 0.24in at the studios of Guinness World Records in Sydney, Australia in June 2005.
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  1. what the bloody world records is this…


  3. you know because saftey goggles with protect you from a flying washing machine in the face

  4. he wouldn't even budge my machine.

  5. I usually just punch my washing machine when it stops working. She usually goes back to work after that.

  6. The new worlds strongest redknek!!??

  7. He must hate doing laundry -_-

  8. That washing machine is small compared to mine

  9. Hey I can see getting pissed when the repairman is late,
    but you don't have to GO NUTS!

  10. My washing machine isnt that small O_o

  11. hate it when the top rated comments are the same


  13. Guy: Guess what, im in the guinness world records!
    Friend: What for?
    Guy: i threw a washing machine 3 meters… 😐
    Friend: Oh… -.-

  14. Im pretty sure Zydrunas Savickas could throw it further . .

  15. press very fast on 4 and he's masturbating xD

  16. what's with all these strange records, "Furthest washing machine throw" like LOL

  17. they put safety goggles on what were they thinking !!

  18. please don't practice with any of our washing machines

  19. i prefer whirlpool when i throw my washing machine

  20. no wonder my washing machine is broken…….

  21. @SeivomProductions thank you

  22. Chuck Norris could throw it with one hand

  23. now i know who i will call when i want to throw washing machine 11 feet

  24. he must really hate laundry…LOL!

  25. i don't have a washing machine so i throw my wife.

  26. I've seen my mom throw our washing machine further than that.

  27. that rules guy kinda looks like Christian Bale

  28. theyb shoulda counted the second throw… and took away the distance he stopped on the line… then he woulda had an wonderful throw at a good distance… typical bullshit rules made for nobody… You throw it 400+ pal good job… throw the host now will yah?

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