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Gabriel Zamora Exposes Tati ‘Bye Sister’ Video About James Charles

Gabriel Zamora Exposes Tati ‘Bye Sister’ Video About James Charles

Tati Westbrook ‘Bye Sister’ video about James Charles may have a hole in it according to Gabriel Zamora. Plus the waiter opens up about approaching James Charles after they first met. #JamesCharles #TatiWestbrook #GabrielZamora

Beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook, 37, is saying “bye sister” to her former friend James Charles, 19. The younger YouTuber shared an advertisement for SugarBearHair at Coachella, which made Tati, who has her own vitamin company, feel “blindsided.” Tati posted a new video on YouTube, her second about James after the Coachella incident, in which she bid farewell to her friendship with James, and calls him out for his behavior. “It wasn’t just about vitamins or Halo, it was just about being lied to and feeling disrespected,” she said. “And you know, James Charles had nine days after Coachella to talk to me. He knows where I live, it’s not far from him. He could’ve come face-to-face and chatted with me because he knew this would hurt me.” Tati proceeded to claim the two have had conversations about other people making brands with Sugar Bear Hair, and that James said he was loyal to Tati and her vitamin brand.

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Tati Westbrook Drags James Charles After He ‘Betrays’ Her: ‘All You Care About Is Image’

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Gabriel Zamora Exposes Tati ‘Bye Sister’ Video About James Charles


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  1. What do you guys think about this story & Gabriel's response?

  2. Gabriel should've just stfu

  3. Gabriel is like the Azealia Banks of the beauty industry. He always inserts himself in situations he doesn’t belong in, he chases clout and tries to milk all the drama before it dies down, and he will always end up looking like a fool by the end of it. Props to him for not attacking children though.


  5. Gabriel is always putting his nose where it doesn’t belong wtf is is problem he is so annoying

  6. Don't you people recognize a Game of Thrones when you see one? After all these years of watching the series??? God, give me strength…!!! You all been duped!

    SADLY, JAMES CHARLES (JC) IS BEING PIMPED BY THE OLDER ORIGINAL GENERATION (OG)! Now that they see him successfully gaining and even moving past them, they are closing ranks in a serious attempt to stop him in his tracks, because if they can't use him, they'll use their platforms in an attempt to stop anyone from using him! The idea of OG loyalty is you're loyal to them, but they are not loyal to anyone except the OGs! Subscribers were originally only here to learn beauty tips to, but are now bei

    JC's accusers are way older people, some of whom are decades his senior. I believe that Tati and others are slandering James Charles atrociously. How can they accuse a 19-year-old youngster of sexually manipulating people whom are all older than he is? Would someone please tell me what's wrong with this picture? The fact is they'll say anything to kill JC's beauty career, because they are so threaten by his climb up the beauty community's ladder, which he's done with such a quickness, the same careers it took them years to build he's quickly gained on them and at his rate he might wello knock them all off the top. This is the nature of business, period! Either you can stay or you get out the way..

    Who is Tati to tell JC whom he can collab with and who he can't? Because he collabed with a company she considers her biggest competitor without her permission, as if he needed her permission as a courtesy or otherwise, she is doing everything she can to destroy him and she's using you, her subscribers and his subscribers, against him! Foremost,, it's should be obvious to everyone that she is lying, because there is no way in the world for a 19-year-old sexually confused youngster as JC obviously is, as a youngster right out of high school whom just played childish sexual games, can manipulate people far older than he is as these people are saying he did/does. If you believe this, it's because you want to help Tati bring JC down and not because she is telling the truth! Get a clue!, because you're being used, too!

    Totally due to his art, talent, skill and hard work as an artist JC is able to apply his art to a canvas of his basic exceedingly great looks–the beauty that is singularly his, along with his diligence and sheer willpower to become the best in the business, which is definitely threatening the 'Original Generation's' (OG) thrones. So frightened/challenged by him, they are despicable and tripling down in efforts to publicly use his youth against him? How absurd and desperate they all seem, while getting older every day, becoming more desperate in every way, trying to maintain their positions! ! Didn't Tati talk about how a young person's life can be permanently damaged by using behavior like hers against them?! Not his, but hers since she's the one running this game all over everyone, with her Jeffree Star backdrop/background vocals. They are bullying a 19 -year-old? Not the other way around! Do you hear me, people? A 19-year-old…?!

    Many OGs are threatened by the 'Younger Generation's' (YG) talent, confidence, salesmanship determination and populari, They beautifully/aggressively paint their faces uniquely different with each new makeup stroke, something the original generation does not have a handle on. Their time was then and this is now the YGs time as they quickly close subscribers gaps! And not just all this, but with all their undeniably "great" looks, which the OGs are quickly losing a grasp on, the OGs are running scared. Whether the OG beauty gurus have brought out and sharpened their claws in raging jealousy as they begin the victimization of the YG, of whom many aren't even 21-years-old as of yet, many are still in high school or younger, as they start with James Charles at 19.

    Do you older generations subscribers know you're being manipulated/used to aid the OGs in undermining the YG's growth. The OGs intend to continue doing this if we subscribers do not wise up. We subscribers have become pawns in the OGis political efforts to retard the YG's growth within the online YT beauty community!

    do you all subscribers or realize that tati has gone from five million subscribers overnight to almost 10 million because you're allowing yourself to be used and manipulated. Is this why you are subscriber in the beauty community or are you subscribe or in the beauty community for beauty tips? don't we get enough of this shit from the real government without having to go through it and be used here in this situation? Personally, I am totally against Taki having benefited from someone else's subscribers whom she Targeted and brought down because he collaborated with somebody she didn't like? Aain, I ask you what is wrong with this picture and what is wrong with you subscribers?

  7. Gabriel Zamora IS A UGLY WASTE OF LIFE!

  8. Sometimes in life, we all need a wake up call. It’s so easy for fame, power, & wealth to devour a person’s soul. It makes you feel like you can do everything & get whatever you want. Because of these, we tend to forget what truly matters. And that’s what happened to James. A wake up call comes in different forms. This is James’ wake up call.

  9. Tati is the PREDATOR!! is she not in her 30's crying and talking about she's in love with a 19 year old boy. her and her husband😒her and her husband have a open door policy for James😒😒😒his mother should have???????

  10. This issue may not big as this if only gabriel didn't open his mouth and called tati…

  11. This is white people problems…what did he do for people to come for him like this? Not Shit!! Living his life… That bitch to old to have a 19 year old friend….James come over to the black side. We love you😎

  12. I dislike gabriel samosa, and also james charles but ever since this whole situation is going horribly down, we gotta make some space for james. Not defending, but this whole thing will cause huge depression and anxiety to james. When those things struck to someone, they might going to plan in commiting suicide. so guys, lets just be nice and let him live.

  13. At this point I don’t know

  14. 👏👏Why the fuck am I watching this gay shit👏👏

  15. We Should Just Stop Bashing And Hating On People.
    We Do Mistake
    We Should Settle The Problem Face To Face

  16. Girl DONT DEFENDING HIS ACTIONS OF COURSE NOT! This video is so biased……… clearly.

  17. U are defending him really? Way to not pick sides haha. He is old enough to know not to pressure people into doing things that don't want to.

  18. Why does she say “todi, tadi, toddy” not T-a-t-i

  19. Stawwwp saying her name like that! 😆

  20. If james Charles was black #nuffsaid 😤

  21. This is what happens when u try to stay relevant

  22. gabriel is so fucking annoying like we all know that you're trying to gain some clout

  23. Second video yet she still can’t pronounce Tati’s name right.

  24. People in the US really make a big deal about little insignificant topics bitches y’all chilll clean yo pussy

  25. Gabi is an attention seeker.
    That's my opinion.
    Bye Sista…

  26. should we end Hollywood Life too?

  27. Hollywood Life coming to defend James Charles. Please.🙄

  28. He’s a 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  29. Gabriel should really just shut the fuck up PERIODT

  30. Funny he gets invited to the MET Gala and all of a sudden the old lady has issues with him 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  31. People are using the word ‘predator” too freely here. He didn’t rape any one. Literally flirted with someone who flirted back.

    You’re all wrong.

  32. I think Gabriel forgot that james has harassed grayson billions of times in the sister squad video's claiming that Grayson has said he felt uncomfortable and that they were never dating but that's what i heard so

  33. More research before filming.
    There is plenty of receipts that support what Tati said.

  34. Do not give this guy fame! Tati and James have already said their side and that’s all that should matter! HL this story is over! Case closed!

  35. Not a fan of anyone in this situation but when you’re a 40 year old making a 40 min video about a teenager because he partnered with a competitor, you should check yourself.

  36. Im subscribing back to James Charles thanks to this video

  37. but i thought it was just about vitamins gabriel. looooooooooool he's pressed for no reason.

  38. For the MEME guys let’s beat James Charles and get my subs up too, love you guys

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