Gaetz 'confident Trump will be acquitted' as House sends articles to Senate

Rep. Matt Gaetz joins Making Money with Charles Payne to discuss the House vote to send articles of impeachment to the Senate.

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  1. We are so thankful for Trump and MATT GOETZ! He will make a great future President!

  2. After POTUS wins the impeachment trial he need to sue the House and all members who voted for impeachment with malicious prosecution and defamation of character.

  3. the two face snake🐍 who voted with Pelosi against president Trump ▶Charlatan Gaetz. Nothing will erase his treasonous vote, he trusted the democRats to make war decisions but not our president. 👎

  4. I do NOT want to hear ANY of Gaetz's EXCUSES about why he voted WITH the democrats on the War Powers Act.
    I'm not sure I can trust him any more! I THOUGHT he was a strong supporter of America & President Trump BEFORE that. Now I'm not sure anymore!
    SHAME ON YOU Mr Gaetz!

  5. Gaetz shut upnwith your drunk azz

  6. Trump is a clear danger to the world, you Republicans are sick. I will be glad when we can vote you all out if office.

  7. Gadtz back in kiss azz mode

  8. How these Democrat hypocrite liars stand there and spew these lies is beyond me.

  9. Look they have been SO EMBARRASSED that Donald Trump came in and has Embarrassed the crap out of them and showed the Americam People who they were.
    They have been so angry
    That this is all they cate about
    Since Day 1
    So how can they be taken seriously?
    All they want to do is give President Trump a
    " title " for life? Lol

  10. Gaetz will be selling Used Cars as his constituents eject him in 2020.He would still be doing that if His Daddy didn't pull all the right strings.
    Still waiting to hear the charges he'll get for storming the SCIF and violating protocols.THAT should be very embarrassing,but he's got a rock fro a skull so maybe not.

  11. says a lot about politics that Schiff can bring his corrupt, lying, clown show to the senate instead of being in front of a committee or jury explaining his corrupt behavior.

  12. To the 60 thumbs down go away dont be mad just go away

  13. Gaetz I still think you are a traitor. You are not forgiven by me.

  14. Matt Matt Matt……. stay in your lane. Adults are talking. You smell like swamp water.

  15. Matt's a sleeping cell for the obstructionist democrats

  16. Politicians voted for you to pay them more as they give themselves raises. You pay for their great insurance and pensions. They care about you, obviously.


  18. I am not interested in anything that backstabbing traitor has to say.. except good riddance ….Trump 2020….

  19. I love Mr. Payne's style sense. Also, he has a very compelling and moving personal story of pulling himself up by his bootstraps. Mr. Payne's mother was his biggest cheer-leader. She bought him a briefcase when he was a child because he always wanted to be a "business man"! I have a heavy duty respect to Mrs. Payne, who kept her son's dreams alive and his grades up. There were so many ways a young man can/ does go wrong especially when it's a tough neighborhood. A big shout out to Mrs. Payne!

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