Gaetz slams impeachment probe as 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) discusses the negative impacts the impeachment inquiry has had on Congress and the American people.

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  1. Love the work you're doing Gatez. Keep going strong, Trump 2020

  2. Once we get through this they'll come up with something else they're not gonna stop.

  3. republicansssss for the house

  4. The Dems don't care about the people that know the truth. They only care about hanging on to all the sheep that they can. And it's working (well enough) Because all YOU DO IS TALK! Instead of holding these CRIMINALS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMES!

  5. Fox, PLEASE get rid of the 2-second delay! It TOTALLY screws up conversations! Also, get your talent to STOP INTERRUPTING guests!

  6. Its the Pelosi smear. See her video.

  7. This guy is one reason why people are not vacationing in Florida anymore

  8. 5:10 "Instead of the issues that help the American people or the issues that divide Democrats they figured out that attacking the president is the one issue that unites them"

    Sounds like political porn, the lowest common denominator.
    Like when you are doing research and they serve up that titillating picture of a scantily clothed beautiful woman. Democrats cannot unite on anything but the lowest hanging fruit.

  9. Trump, worst ever, hands down way way down

  10. LOL,…yes,…they have Trump Derangement Syndrome. It's brought on because Trump is a carrier who infects everyone. But don't worry, it only affects those with a brain.

  11. Matt Gaetz. Too stupid to read the Constitution. Spoiled baby BRAT!!!!!

  12. Bill Taylors’s Family (one of the nerds trying to sabotage Trump and America), have been Commie Spies for decades, according to George Webb.

    Also, the copy Vindman Brothers are the two criminal lying whistleblowing-actors (see George Webb),….and their handlers are the Pilgrims Society (see American Intelligence Media),…The Pilgrims Society is the most evil cabal in the history of mankind, and they are specifically exposed by the AIM patriots.

    Fox and MSM are paid by the Pilgrims Society as compensation for their role of acting out the “distract to divert” staged play…

    Patriots follow up with the above patriots!

  13. Doesn't anyone else realize their new goal is for Nancy to become President by default? Then Hillary takes over the agenda. They are almost to the finish line. One impeachment and a bad accident away from controlling the world and starting wars!

  14. Glad they are fighting back against these Democrat scum.

  15. Trump and the Republicans lost Kentucky and Virginia becomes more blue! Fox avoids Trump's 2020 problems. More Republicans will now retire. Poor Matt being replaced by Jim Jordan so Jim can wrestle with more boys.

  16. They forget the money Mueller made from Manafort's crimes- 140 million bucks for the American people! Not bad for a 30 million dollar investigation!

  17. I think they're all full of crap.
    I'm reading the transcripts and the dems have nothing, and they do try to push the witnesses and lead them.
    Volker said there was no quid pro quo. Page 214 bottom of his testimony

  18. i live in one of those states that people fly over We went red and as far as I am concerned we will stay red no more divided tickets.

  19. I just hope enough Republicans and crossover Democrats will get out and vote.

  20. Divide and Conquer It's what's for Dinner!If WE have Common Sense for Desert,We'll be the Winner!TRUMP 2020 or Food Stamps!

  21. This comment section is full of bots and trolls by the Libs…

  22. They are you in a fry 2 making a bad thing evil useless Democrat are so evil they don't know what right or wrong Aegis Dive In whatever it come out but they are no shame they don't have no shame so there's salt

  23. THOSE 4 SQUADS NEEDED TO throw them out we don't need those people Omar Ocasio Talib And AYANNA we don't like those people they are EVILS disgusting USELESS a piece of. My tae!.

  24. Matt Gates mad cheers 🤗🎈

  25. I find and well-spoken and smart. At least he acts to uphold values of America. We could use more like him rather than Democrats.


  27. Democrats = Hatred of America, Lies,and Hypocrisy

  28. Gutsy Matt Gaetz.
    Go Matt, GO!!!

  29. There is no deal with China, new nafta does nothing for America. Trump is guilty of lying and abuse of power. That's alright with Fox network. Republicans (McConnell) stated that Trump will not be convicted. corruption at its best. Economy is at 1.9%. Trump promised .5.0% to pay off the 2 trillion dollars the republicans added to the national debt.

  30. Do all republican politicians intend to end their careers defending Trump? Jordan, Nunez, Scalize, and Gantz have. Why do they defend Trump even when he's guilty? Why are they not supporting our right to the truth? McConnell , Graham will retire and walk away with their money. the rest will carry their failure to protect America forever.

  31. The are coaching every one with their lies, they are behind closed doors so they can change the testimonies of these folks or even add to their memory. The Republicans are pretty crazy to believe any of this unless they are Rino's & those we will vote out at the next election.

  32. Fox is the master of disinformation. The reason why potus is being attacked is NOT because dems lost an election. The facts show that Trump is a criminal. That's why he is being attacked.


  34. VERY TRUE! TRUMP is Winning and libturds are Whining! CRY libturds Cry! TRUMP 2020 by a LANDSLIDE WIN !!!!!!!

  35. I would throw all of them motherfukers in jail, I declare a national emergency and I'd read the news agencies and drag them out solve this problem now

  36. After a while the squad is probably going to knock off Nancy Pelosi, after their failed policies that they push her through she'll probably resign in disgrace, while they take the helm and continue their path of Destruction through our country

  37. All we have to do is follow the money in all the money and the corruption leads to the Democratic party, and the wave nature of these attacks lead to the criminal activities that they've been conducting over. If years, receiving money from foreign countries to let things stay as they are, finding that money to certain people in the cia's and FBI and news agencies the trace is still hot and the investigation is still continuing

  38. The Democrats don't care about politics oh, they're not Democrats anymore there's some type of communism and they have to press and what they're really after is the corruption they had before Donald Trump took office, there's corruption Money Train is over and they can accept it

  39. Then we have a a press that cannot acknowledge the good that the president does, this is new, it's an infiltration of corruption

  40. A vote for any Democrat is a vote against yourself!

  41. Thank you, Mr. Gaetz! I’m an Asian first generation immigrant and I support you and Republicans who stands for America’s interests!

  42. Doesn't Matt Gaetz have another DUI to get?


  44. lol this is too funny "Trump Derangement" the derangement is you empty headed supporters that still believe he is a fit for office

  45. He was a criminal before he was the president. He's a criminal now.

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