Gaetz: The president will be just as strong with Evangelicals in 2020

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) weighs in on the Senate impeachment trial, USMCA deal and the government spending package awaiting Trump’s signature.

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  1. "Trump Should Be Removed From Office." I'm so glad someone from the evangelical community is finally speaking out about this embarrassing president. Yes, he should be thrown out of office.

  2. I just love Matt gaetz I hope he goes for in politics I think he can help this country also.

  3. USMCA is the largest and most significant Modern and Balanced trade agreement in History!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. NPR still behind the times, NPR radio station is calling it the "new NAFTA". They are soooo dumb, even a regular citizen like me can remember the new name the negotiator Trump gave it…hello NPR ….it's called USMCA,,,, ( the United States, Mexico, Canada agreement)

  5. At least something positive to look forward to in January, when the Senate, will vote and….pass USMCA

  6. USMCA ,…. yes! at last, Trump negotiated that ONE YEAR AGO!!

  7. ♪♫ It's fun passing the U….S M C A  ♪♫

  8. I’ve never struggled with going to church until I found brothers and sisters in Christ hate on someone like Trump.

  9. "Thank you Charles- & "Congressmen Matt Gaetz!!- Happy Holidays!!"

  10. As long as Democrats count the votes this country is grave danger !

  11. Evangelicals will continue to be hypocrites. They should just permanently change their name to hypocriticals

  12. When so called Christians support trump or republicans that compare his impeachment to Pearl Harbor, or the trials of Jesus Christ, then I cannot see how they have a clue of the Bible or Christ teachings. It's so obscene that staying away from this president is the best option as to not be struck by lightning.

  13. Gaetz looked pretty whacked out in his orange jump suit picture. It’s not political. If he was a democrat he would still be scum

  14. Christians LOVE leaders who cheat on their wives and screw skanky porn stars.

  15. There needs to be reforms so bills have ample time for review before voting.

  16. The corrupt leftists have infiltrated and destroyed Christianity Today just like they have infiltrated and destroyed education, entertainment and government. The Communists couldn't beat us on the battlefield or economically during the Cold War so they infiltrate our country by poisoning our institutions with their cancerous ideology.

  17. Christianity Today is a political magazine. It's principles and subscribers are evil sinners.

  18. ..and those on the right will be taken to heaven and those on the left will burn in hell..

  19. Gaetz ancient bloodline? Italy ? Anyhow he will be known as one of the true heros who helped save America. WWG1WGA 🐸 TRUMP2020 In Trump I Trust 😉❤️

  20. Hop GOD is watching how people are using his name of GOD to bullying people in benefits to themselves also using GOD for themselves only?………

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