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Galaxy Tab S2 Hands-On

Galaxy Tab S2 Hands-On

Read more about our first impressions of the Tab S2 here:

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  1. so what's going to happen with the Tab A?

  2. How is the screen quality? is it even better then the Tab S

  3. I can dig it, however every single galaxy tab I've ever used ended up being super laggy after the 1st few updates. hopefully the software is on point.

  4. also Samsung is going ham on apple. usually I don't like Samsung but damn! apple hasn't announced shit on the iPad air 3 and I really want one because ios 9 looks nice. however I don't think getting an air 2 would be smart because I don't see future iterations of ios running smoothly over there, and the base model coming with 16 gigs sucks. apple has too announce something new with their iPad series when the announce the 6s. I really need a new tablet and its either going to be the Nexus 9 or this.

  5. Samsung just sent promotional marketing in for this yesterday, I cannot wait to see the demo when it comes through. I hope the speakers are actually good on this one, last years version was trash

  6. …..don't like it!! the end!!

  7. the design looks so bland. its looks just a like a regular normal tablet when its their flagship tablet. i didnt like the bezels still tho. they could have made it thinner and put palm rejection technology just like ipad. i guess samsung neglected and focus so much on the s6 and note series this year.

  8. Why are Engadget reviews always so clumsy looking

  9. Not a apple fan on phones but for tablets ipad is still thr beat imo

  10. A shame they're just turning into another Apple with their recent products

  11. I will stick with my first gen 10.5 bc its better for content consumption like youtube. 4:3 is a nice aspect ratio but if I wanted that, I'd go fruit.

  12. Looked a bit slow there near the end.

  13. Lol 9.7 inch model with 4:3 aspect ratio? Hmmmmmmmmmm

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