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GARDENING IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! 🌹 Planting Roses & Lavender // Moving Vlogs Episode 17 //

GARDENING IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! Planting Roses & Lavender
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Grey jogging bottoms – https://bit.ly/3b3n7Da
Pink sweatshirt – https://bit.ly/33Lnkbc
Pearl necklace – Pearl necklace – https://bit.ly/33GGzmv
Pearl hoops (similar) – https://bit.ly/3bhEhwQ
(US) Pearl hoops (similar) – https://bit.ly/3abodLJ
White sleeveless top – https://bit.ly/3541SPf
(US) White sleeveless top – https://bit.ly/2VAahXR
Black sunglasses – https://bit.ly/34NMzZB
(US) Black sunglasses – https://bit.ly/2xNqJL2
Floral cami – https://bit.ly/2VS2sf6
(US) Floral cami – https://bit.ly/3eLbt21
White shorts (similar) – https://bit.ly/2WGzYoN
(US) White shorts (similar) – https://bit.ly/2ztvev2
Floral dress – https://bit.ly/2x8O3Td
(US) Floral dress (similar) – https://bit.ly/3bdGEQz

Coast embroidered dress – https://bit.ly/3dBHf09
Coast white top – https://bit.ly/35KBfiK
Batiste blonde dry shampoo – https://bit.ly/2Y6833W
(US) Batiste blonde dry shampoo – https://bit.ly/2VYs8GL
Loewe bag – https://bit.ly/2KQYiPk

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  1. Loving these vlogs! You two with the dogs are so cute!

  2. I don’t know what I am going to do when your daily vlogs stop. They take me away from my crazy busy life! And are so inspirational for gardening….I can’t wait to get started!

  3. Beautiful garden and house🌷🏠❤️

  4. The weather has been really strange lately. Mostly cold. With everything that is going on I miss shopping for garden stuff and trying to garden. I’m glad you both are able to garden. Your fury boys are stealing the show as usual! Super adorable!!! 🙂😉

  5. Your walk was sooo peaceful looking! The roses will be beautiful and smell wonderful when you walk out your door. The off the shoulder top looks so pretty on you. New dress is OUTSTANDING and top too! Your dinner dress is SMASHING 💕

  6. О, какая сказочная идиллия!

  7. That countryside reminds me a place where "Father Brown" was filmed which I'm currently watching. Thanks for pleasant and inspiring vlogs. 😍

  8. Do you know where the outside lights are from in the background the black wall lights xx

  9. The garden looks Amazing day after day well done 👍 Josie & Charlie 👋🌼🌸🌷🥀🌱🌿💮

  10. Gardening is Indeed Good for the Soul! It is here at our House, I know! But for those who don't have a Garden… YOUR Gardening is Good for THEIR Soul, Thanks to Vlogging!! We All Look Forward to Your Lovely Videos of your Country Home, especially right now!

  11. Was just thinking how you are going to keep such a large house and garden clean surely you will have to employ a lot of staff to take care of it was that something you took into consideration when you bought the house . I totally agree with you that Waitrose should get in touch as I am sure a lot of your subscribers are Waitrose shoppers as am I stay safe ❤️

  12. omg! soggy doggy made my day

  13. Thank you for the great content, Josie! I think we’re overdue a what we ate for the week vlog, please! Some of your and Charlie’s meals have looked divine 😋🤗

  14. I am LOVING these country walks! So peaceful 🌷

  15. Got my husband hooked on to your new house vlogs and now he wants to know when Charlie will be uploading vlogs on his channel 😊
    And while I was watching this vlog my son came and said ‘Mummy! You’re watching JOSIE without me?!’
    ‘JOSIE’ as if it’s the name of a show.

  16. Oh my gosh cant wait to see your Etsy orders, pretty sure they’ll be pretty and pefect for your house. Nice move by the way instead of buying this kind of furnitures from physical stores that might cost you a lot. Cant imagine the amount you are investing right now for your beautiful home.

  17. When you go for walkies and I see the church tower, I think “we’re nearly home now”, as if I was living with you. Lol.

  18. Josie you only need a pool now to cool down and relax after working in the garden💕💕

  19. You’re so lucky to have warm weather. We are freezing here today in Ottawa!🇨🇦

  20. I can watch you for hours and hours on end! Just love watching you puttering around your home and taking care of it feels like I’m right there with you guys I guess I’m living vicariously through you guys.😍🙋🏻‍♀️

  21. Josie I am LIVING for your vlog content right now! Best part of my day!

  22. So lovely Josie your garden is looking amazing you have both worked so hard loving your energy such superb viewing thank you

  23. The white flowers in the wheelbarrow looks like candytuft. Will be pretty on the edges of borders. Josie, also plant some Trachelospermum Jasminoides – it's an evergreen jasmine climber that isn't invasive and will look good all year round too, otherwise if it's all roses then there will be no green in winter. We got ours from crocus.co.uk … grows really fast too.

  24. As always another lovely vlog…you too are working really hard ❤❤

  25. A large sunshade would be practical on the terrace.

  26. Josie, absolutely loving your vlogs! Love all the gardening with Charlie & the boys! What a lovely dress! 🥰💕

  27. Where are your lovely wine glasses from? xx

  28. Love your videos josie love seeing your beautiful house & doggies 🌸🌸🌸

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