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Gears 5 Hands-On at E3 2019: Play Co-Op in Escape Mode

Gears 5 Hands-On at E3 2019: Play Co-Op in Escape Mode

We got 15 minutes of Gears 5 game time, and got to try the new Escape Mode co-op play.

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  1. do you not know hold down button to sprint?

  2. Looooooool he has no clue hahahhaaaa

  3. how did he get this job? is it the very cool hair?

  4. Hmm wonder who would die quicker a Carmine or this wack mf😂😂

  5. Lol I feel like the guy who was supposed to present this game for engadget bailed and the camera man just called is weed man to fill in.

  6. You can't play for shit, you spent a ton amount of time walking around with an empty two handed gun, that's why you couldn't do shit. How did you get the job? This was pure cringe.

  7. The character walking with the heavy cryo gun looks like a prancing pony lmao 7:59

  8. Engadget note to yourself, when demoing a game for your viewers. Please get some can play games not my grandad. Thank you. I feel for the guy gold star for effort. It was painful to watch.

  9. This is a garbage hands on.

  10. "If you've played any of the Gears games before this, then you'll feel right at home, with the controller, and the graphics."

    Not sure if he meant to say 'controls', or actually did mean to say 'controller'. Regardless, this dude is ridiculously clueless. Not only did the controller not change, but he clearly has no clue whether or not the actual controls themselves are in-fact the same, given how terrible he played, so his statement makes absolutely no sense. I mean, watching him walk around with an empty 'heavy' weapon (e.g. the cryo-cannon), while listening to him repeatedly saying, "I have no bullets", yet see him continue to hang on and walk around with it, is likely the equivalent of getting pinecones shoved up your ass backwards.

  11. this guy has no idea how to play this game. at least run thru the tutorial and figure how to take cover, pick up ammo, and RELOAD. Seeing him miss the sweet spot is super annoying.

  12. Aliens?!! Who is this guy🙊🤯

  13. Saw this dude and had to come to the comments….LMFAO

  14. You just paid a guy to showcase a game and he somehow made it look terrible.

  15. I don’t think your company is going to let you come back and do this again at next years E3

  16. Dont understand how your playing/showing a game that it seems like you never played any of the gears of war series and you the commentator part sucks

  17. What a fucking noob let real gamers play anyways this looks way too smooth to be gears if it moves this good at release that’ll be amazing

  18. Holy shit hire me. I speak fluent English and Spanish and I can actually play the damn game

  19. Great hit numbers. I hope those can be disabled.

  20. when your GF wants to play too

  21. Play a tutorial…or look through the settings and learn the controls. One thing your game play reveals is how easy the game is. You were able to progress without ammo and slapped around enemies with Heavy Weapons.

  22. Omg, please stop putting these fake hypebeasts old ass players on games. He's wearing a supreme hat and don't know how to play gears. Gtfoh

  23. Damn aliens! 😂😂😂😂😂 they are called wretches my friend lmao 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  24. Is Gears of War rated E for everyone?

    If not, why are there females to play as?

  25. This guy is ass at gears.

  26. Please, let someone who knows how to play the game show us. Thought my Dad was playing.

  27. OMG you played like you were scared !

  28. its so laggy jesus that frame rate

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