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Genius & Simple Health Tips You Should Know

Figuring out how to stay healthy can be really stressful—and we all know that stress isn’t healthy. Fortunately there are lots of simple ways to boost your health, from sleeping on your left side to getting a pet.
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  1. So ur saying marothons are bad for u

  2. Thank so much Allah make you haappy.

  3. Sleeping on my left side is next to impossible. Both of my shoulders are badly messed up, yet my left shoulder is much worse and in a much older condition.
    AT BEST, I may get three hours' sleep, possibly followed by another hour if I go pee, get a drink of water then lie RIGHT BACK DOWN. Otherwise it doesn't matter anyway.
    I NEVER get restful sleep anyway, so what difference does it make ???

  4. 1:48 Mia Khalifa hahaha

    Just kidding

  5. Someone please help this mom.
    She needs health advice for her daughter.
    Her daughter unable to speak, walk and eat by herself.
    Mom has been bagging for help.
    She sells her home for daughter health service.

  6. Good advice. "The more healthful his body the greater will be the power of the spirit of man; the power of the intellect, the power of the memory, the power of reflection will be greater." – Baha'i Faith, Star of the West

  7. Well what's the pannammay Technic

  8. sleep on left side. that s whre heart located ..Nah

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  10. Sleeping on left side is bad.

  11. Hey there,

    Very good Video.

    What other hacks have you got?

    Right now I am looking at other tip websites

    Look forward to your reply


  12. Fruits are healthy too man, some fruits are more healthy then the other fruits😁

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    But with this, I will keep watching your videos, for it really worth to watch.

  14. Nice Video!
    Check me out! I also have wonderful tips for healthy life

  15. I have an idea eat air OOPS AIR HAS 🦠 GERMS

  16. But then,some smart person please explain,why do I have nightmares everytime I fall asleep on my left side?

  17. Hi, I would like to ask you to make a series of videos about health. I have a big problem with my daughter. She is 27 , so she is not so young anymore, but she still behaves like a teenager. She has this incredibly unhealthy life style. After she wakes up at 1 pm – or 2 pm, because she stays so late at night , and brushes her teeth she sits in front of the computer. She stays there on the chair almost all day . She does not move or make her bed or does anything in the house. Then in the evening she goes out to see some friends. Don't imagine they are moving or dancing – they are sitting in a bar, talking and drinking. The next day – it is the same. All day long, year after year . The exception is only when she goes on vacations – I imagine it is different then, I don't know how , but she always comes home sick. She has a very bad health, she can not sleep well, she has a very low energy and she is tired all the time. I tried many times to talk to her, to explain the importance of being active during the day, of exercising every day or just going out for a simple walk. Her answer – walking is a waste of time ! I admit – I did not teach her to do that, I never thought I will have to teach her the basics of normal healthy life. Every 2-3 months she is getting sick and when she gets sick she is recovering very slowly. I am desperate. She does not listen to me, she thinks because I am old I don't know anything and she knows everything better. Help me and help millions of young people that have the same problem. They don't know that going out every day and having just a simple walk will improve tremendously their life ! They also don't believe their fathers and mothers ! They eat junk food late at night just before going to bed and they stay very late at night . If you make videos explaining the basics of the health I will ask her to watch them with me. I know she will agree so there is a real chance she will consider them and things could improve . I forgot to tell you she works on the computes also – she makes illustrations. We don't live together, but we are together now because I lost my mom and I needed to stay with her for a while . When I saw her life style I got really desperate ! . Help me please !

  18. To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.

  19. Everything is the best and important
    Everyone should watch this video and if u agree with the points leave a thumbs up for the video
    Like if u agree with me

  20. UMM im not 21 years of age! I cant drink wine!

  21. It's Wrong the frist tip Right side sleeping is better in health and avoid in shaydan

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  23. যে কোন বিজ্ঞাপন/ভয়েস রেকর্ডিং এর জন্য যোগাযোগ করুন।

    রতন মাহমুদ, রতন রেকর্ডিং এন্ড ফিল্ম মিডিয়া,

    মৈশালা বড়গাছি বাসষ্ট্যান্ড রোড, পাংশা, রাজবাড়ী।

    মোবাইলঃ ০১৭৩৫-৩০১৫৩৬

  24. No sleeping from right is good ,as it reduces the chance of heart atck recommended by muhammad(P.B.U.H)

  25. Friends pls watch simple five things very important to stay healthy

  26. If only i had time and money to afford a f***ing pet i would be the happiest person on earth.

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  28. I find it uncomfortable to sleep on my right side,and I don't brush my teeth every time I eat……but I do have lots of bright lights.

  29. Nice but GGIIM still offers perhaps the greatest deal if you want to learn about health coaching

  30. Masterbating is not healthy.It can also make u have a low sperm count i believe.

  31. 12 what is this I'm just 15

  32. lol… this guy has no clue what tremendous levels of energy and food and rest it takes for your body to replenish male ejaculations.. so yeah.. you wanna die young and feel like crap, definitely ejaculate few times a day… if you're into living forever, then ejaculate never. cheers.

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