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Georgia governor acted 'too fast' to open businesses: Andy Card

Former Bush 43 Chief of Staff Andy Card hopes Georgia on states beginning to slowly phase out coronavirus restrictions.

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  1. Blah blah blah blah…just a waste of time talking about it. God dam find or do something productive for once.

  2. Who cares what everybody thinks about the governor of Georgia. He'll do fine and so will his state.

  3. He passed the Imbecile test with flying colours, let’s see how he does in the Lysol gargle competition.

  4. Trump is pissed at Kemp, f..king morons.

  5. Georgia people please be careful and use your wisdom of where you need to go during this time. I'm wishing you the best. Stay Safe and Stay Well.

  6. This whole thing is a hoax. There is no way the ENTIRE world’s economy would be destroyed and brought to a complete standstill if the decimation wasn’t their intended goal in the first place.

    None of this is about a virus. None. Wake the F up sheep.

    All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. We’ve done nothing for 244 years.


  8. Georgia has a lot in common with Louisiana. It should at least encourage social distancing.

  9. Kemp your daddy is not happy with you 😂🤣😂 Kemp is the spawn of Captain Insano Trump 🤖💩🤥

  10. Some have been committing suicide now that they are losing their businesses. Those who want to keep the businesses closed are doing more damage than the virus itself.

  11. If they open and then they get sick they should be on their own … Don't come crying later

  12. Its bait n switch folks… ..dont fall for the okie doke.

  13. You punks need to back off Kemp! Most already know this WuhanBatStuFlu is no worse than the flu that comes every year, kills 50 thous and we have not shut down for that. Stop this Globalist destruction of America with this shutdown HOAX.

  14. It isn't soon enough is the truth! This is a scam of Media and racist Democrats! How many deaths of healthy people! This talking head is questionable agendas! What mayor wants to stop getting extra federal government money to fill their pockets!!!

  15. Governors look at the Governor of Florida- compare notes, no doubt it will be the President’s fault AGAIN 🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. Mirrors and bull – why don’t Governors take responsibility

  17. I smell Trump all over this decision that appears to have been made by our Governor Kemp. He (Gov. Kemp) had been making cautious and caring decisions for our state. All so suddenly he does this 100 % reversal…then Trump comes out sounding 'cautious.' I'm not buying it. This GA decision is 1 zillion % Trump. Poor Governor Kemp!

  18. All Trumps doing. He screams for liberation and then wants to act like the good guy by claiming he doesn't agree with the governor on opening the state? He's speaking out of both ends. Yet the dumb base believes his lies. Open your eyes.

  19. Lets be realistic we have not lowered the curve on the virus spreading with this lockdown in place, especially in new york they are still getting new cases, virus is here to stay forever, already mutated to several strains a vaccine for it is uncertain. At this point we are going to have to accept this reality and keep moving forward with our lives. This lockdown has not worked no proof of it, no proof you saved more lives, no proof you would have had exponential cases, scientists do not know how many people infected so they are guessing, lockdown probably more harm than good as it prevents herd immunity which is are best option. At this point elderly and obese and people at risk we should help instead of shutting economy down.

  20. You people still calling for lockdown need some lead in your face and u call yourselves patriot more like communist scum

  21. If your employer says for you to come back to work, what if you feel you want to stay isolated for a few more weeks?

  22. Sweden hasn't closed a thing and they still have under a thousand deaths this isn't covid19 it's covid1984 open the bloody country back up

  23. Is Trump for or against reopening? What is his stance today… does he know? Do the talking heads at Faux know?

  24. But wait trump said we should open things up on the 16th and the Georgia Gov did it but no he wants to take our god given American jesus rights to not go get handjobs and our hair cut ? Seems Mexican to me

  25. It's not his demand. So everybody that doesn't have a business, yeah let's wait 2 more weeks?! Mmmmm

  26. Wow, that was the fastest throw under a bus ever and that,s saying something for this banb of brothers

  27. Andy Card is a moron, we don't open the economy now we are toast. My supermarket is out of chicken and people are starting to get weird.

  28. On June 1 Georgia will be number 39 on the list of states that will reopen. People are dreaming if they think cities and states will remain closed much longer. The virus isn't going anywhere and will be with us the rest of the year……..

  29. More than 1 in 10 in the state are unemployed

  30. Why close the whole country down because the people who have lived a life eating crap and weighing hundreds of pounds with high blood pressure and diabetes are dying . Evolution of the species , other people with medical problems , stay home and wait for a vaccine and let the rest of the world make money and pay for you and your condition

  31. Opening is perfect just like the phone call.

  32. 45 flip floped so here we are. By the way he actually suggested injecting a toxic substance to fend off COVID, yes that happened today!!!

  33. Kick Georgia out of the union and build a wall.

  34. Thank God someone with intelligence, and loves the America people, we can take care of the virus, but we can’t let our children and grandchildren die, homeless , or lose their freedoms, Before I die want to be free!

  35. In the beginning, I thought Trump didn’t believe that covid19 was real big deal. Then, I thought he may have been taken to the shed and forced to change to HYSTERIA just like the cabal. But for him to give states government independence then turns against a Republican Governor of Georgia is definitely low and cheap.

  36. I am in Jonesboro Ga. Most people are against the reopening the businesses to soon.

  37. I've been calling the Governor's office all day and cussing out her people, plus calling local businesses and cussing them out for falling for this stupid COVID19 garbage. This weekend I'm gonna protest downtown and I'm ready to fight if it comes to that!!!!!udud

  38. Trump was the one calling for Governors to “liberate” the people by opening up the economy. And Governor Kemp thought he was listening to Trump. So funny how after he did what he thought Trump wanted him to do, Trump came out against it. Trump is only trying to avoid any responsibility in this situation. So he’s willing to throw this governor under the bus. Also, Trump has ALREADY said that he wants “total control”. This is his way of teaching governors to confirm with him first before making such judgments. Republican leadership especially can’t trust themselves to lead, they need a blessing from the Donald. Lol! Too funny. And sad too.

  39. No one cares what this moron has to say…he is part of the swamp..

  40. …..Lets see how many mayors use their own judgement and their own instincts and remain shut down. Just because the governor is allowing mayors to open back up as they see fit doesn't mean they have to. They can continue to stay in lockdown mode if they feel it's necessary

  41. "Trumps 70 DEADLY Days of Delay" is STILL killing Americans and destroying our economy.

  42. Tell me this… The nationwide lockdown is scheduled to end in another week so will it really make any difference if Georgia and Colorado open back up one week earlier??? It won't matter at all because the virus will still be around the rest of the year and no city or state can survive financially if they remain shut down month after month.

  43. You're good Governor if they are afraid then they can stay home, it's as simple as that but we will open the country, Texas is behind you…make decisions for ourselves, no Daddy government needed.

  44. At least CDC won't have to go that far to respond to Kemp's outbreak. Perhaps that's his plan help the federal government, reduce airfare costs for outbreak response.

  45. It sounds horrible but you guys all know when need some "guinea pig" states to reopen to see how this virus thing is going to play out. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a few for the many.

  46. Kemp didn't go off the reservation. Trump told him to start opening up again, and then lied thru his teeth about it, knowing Kemp wouldn't out him as he has no spine. I can just hear their conversation. It was perfect.

  47. Your opinions are worthless at the bank! When Georgia is flush with much needed revenues nobody will remember what you said here… there it is, Cavuto!

  48. Irony of fox is unbelievable. They kept spinning people marching to stop quarantine how it is mentally killing people and as soon as one state decides to open just because fox and trump wanted they acted to fast. GTFOH

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