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Getting Ready With 21 Savage | Vogue

Getting Ready With 21 Savage | Vogue

21 Savage clearly has a special affection for Saint Laurent—why else would he proclaim himself the “Saint Laurent Don”? Watch as he gets ready for the house’s Spring 2019 men’s show, which finds him taking the ferry across the Hudson River to New Jersey and elaborating on his glamorous jewelry in the limo.

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Getting Ready With 21 Savage | Vogue

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  1. What happened to 21 savage he now 21 the first

  2. His accent is dope |Courtesy of Made King

  3. Why does 21 actually seem like a pretty chill dude


  5. 21: Tea and..

    ICE: we got savage

  6. getting ready for the 29th of March

  7. tea and crumpets on a beautiful Monday morning with 21 Savage. That sounds exquisite.

  8. Tea and crumpets of course

  9. his personality was so well conveyed its adorable

  10. You guys like lemonade, Lemonade is the best !!!

  11. When he said he was a blood he meant he was a redcoat.

  12. Everytime I watch this I die. I used to think "his accent is great" but turns out his British 😂💀

  13. Is that crime 4 his being british so what

  14. Does he have lazy eyes??

  15. Why did I get 21 when I search up crumpets

  16. This video answers a lot of questions. 😂😂

  17. 21 savage be like: England is my hood…

  18. Sir Savage the 21 speaking his native language

  19. 21 Is one of the few smart and likeable rappers left "Ever since I've been saving money and not spending it on jewellery, I've been getting way richer" lotta rappers think they can throw their money away and it's always going to be there

  20. 1:24 why is nobody talking about this? 🤣💀

  21. Going to get way richer but loves wearing SL. okkk

  22. New video: Getting ready to deport 21 Savage

  23. Aye Aye Camptain, sPoNGe BoB sQarE PaNts!😂

  24. WOW he really snitched on himself in this video.

  25. 0:42 is what you all are looking for

  26. I cant take him serious after how he said SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS

  27. I know there’s tea in that foam cup though

  28. Getting ready to go to the UK

  29. people: I don’t like British rap

    21 savage: 😦😕

  30. Tea and crumpets 😂🤣

  31. When he also said aye aye captain was a give away too

  32. I searched up, “crumpets”

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