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GIANT LOBSTER in Canada – SEAFOOD Catch & Cook in The Maritimes!! BEST Street Food in Canada!!

GIANT LOBSTER in Canada - SEAFOOD Catch & Cook in The Maritimes!! BEST Street Food in Canada!!

Street Food + Dim Sum in Hong Kong : https://youtu.be/modStXPtSig

Welcome to the ultimate CANADIAN food video! We are eating the BEST maritime STREET FOOD, SEAFOOD and local eats! We are showing you the great Canadian outdoors of New Brunswick, specifically St. Andrews By-the-Sea, and some of the food & local traditions we grew up with.

St. Andrews by-the-sea is a historic fishing village where Canadians and travellers alike come to spend their summers fishing, hiking and exploring the gorgeous city. We start our day near Minister’s Island, a prime location for clam digging! We need a lot of clams for our seafood FEAST and we will show you how a true Canadian digs through the mud (digging and clams – FREE). Next, we walk along the rocky shore and show you how to find periwinkles, which hide under rock weed in the intertidal zone. We will be including the delicious periwinkles as part of our Canada seafood feast (periwinkle picking – FREE)! Next, we meet up with a friendly, local Canadian lobster fisherman to learn about Atlantic lobsters (which are some of the BEST lobsters in the world) and how they are sourced. He invited us onto his fishing boat and we visited a couple of lobster traps and watch the process. After we left the boat, we purchased 13kg of lobster directly from the fishermen (100 CAD / 74.39 USD)! What an amazing price! The lobster made us hungry for some CANADIAN STREET FOOD so we head to the world-famous seafood shop called Ossie’s! Ossie’s is famous for their fried clams, but we were craving some authentic lobster rolls with a local soda – Sussex Ginger ale. Although expensive, every bite was worth it (34.80 CAD / 25.89 USD for 2 rolls + soda). Our final stop of the day before cooking was for the BEST Atlantic smoked salmon, which you can find at Oven Head! We picked up a couple of fresh packs (28.60 CAD / 21.27 USD) and started our LOBSTER BOIL + seafood feast! The lobsters were boiled in seawater, the periwinkles were boiled with water, garlic and butter, the clams were battered and deep fried and the smoked salmon was eaten directly from the package. There is nothing like the taste of CANADA!

Want to visit these places yourself? Check out the information below!

Clam Digging at Minister’s Island
GPS location: 45.102022, -67.052923
Check NB official website for information regarding clam digging restrictions when you visit

Periwinkle Picking (any rocky coastline)
Check NB official website for information regarding periwinkle picking restrictions when you visit

Lobster Rolls at Ossie’s Lunch
3034 NB-760, Bethel, New Brunswick

Smoked Salmon at Oven Head
101 Oven Head Rd., Bethel, New Brunswick

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Street Food in Canada 2019

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