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Gigi Hadid and Michael Kors on New Fragrance Wonderlust: Interview

MK: “I think when you’re really young, you go for the bang, and then it starts getting a little bit more layered and sophisticated.”

GH: “Mysterious.”

MK: “Exactly, so people say, ‘What is that?’ To me, that’s the most interesting thing when we’re creating something.”

GH: “I love that it has sandalwood in it.”

MK: “Right, it’s musky but it’s not traditional.”

Allure: What’s the link between Wonderlust and Gigi?

MK: “Well, the whole point of the fragrance is that people live busy lives; we’re all doing too much, and you can either have life take you down and make you sad and depressed, or you can be optimistic and energetic and stay curious no matter what comes your way. And that’s her. She is full of optimism, she’s super smart, and she’s up for anything. She’s also obsessed with traveling like I am. I mean, if someone said to me, ‘Do you want to go to lunch in Vancouver because they have really great shrimp?’ I’d say, ‘Okay, sure, let’s go.’ And she would, too.”

Allure: Are there any specific scents that you wish existed in perfume form? Like when I walk into a bubble tea shop, I always wish that was a perfume.

MK: “The crazy thing is, people have now made scents that never should’ve existed. Anything too edible freaks me out. I want delicious but not edible, and there’s a strange fine line. What hasn’t been captured? Hmm, what she said before about the sun baking something. There is something about the combination of salty, sandy, sunny….”

GH: “I wish you could put some type of temperature thing in fragrance so that when you inhale it, you feel the warmth. It’s just, there’s fragrance, and then there’s fragrance under heat.”

Allure: Almost like the pavement on a hot day when it rains.

MK: “Yes, that’s very specific — like I said, it’s the humidity. Here in New York, it can be horrific, but it can be spectacular.”

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Allure: When you spray the fragrance and close your eyes, what do you both see?

GH: “I see the trip. I see us on the trip shooting the campaign, and that’s obviously personal for me. I hope everyone who wears it gets to experience it in a place that they love.”

MK: “To me, I think it just takes you to a place where you actually don’t have any rules. I think we’re all so programmed every day. It’s like, wait a second, take me to a place where there’s no calendar, no rules, where I can do what I want when I want and make my own rules.”


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