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Gigi Hadid & Cody Simpson Alleged Cocaine VIDEO

Gigi Hadid & Cody Simpson Alleged Cocaine VIDEO

Gigi Hadid responds to alleged cocaine use video with Cody Simpsons at Victoria’s Secret party.

Starring Katrina Mitzeliotis

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Produced & Directed by @ginoorlandini


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  1. She wasnt snorting cocaine. She was smelling it. Geez guys

  2. She was obviously looking in microscope…

  3. does she still do coke?

  4. Fuck u Gigi u r so fucked up ….hate u from the core of my heart u bitch …u r definitely doing drugs 😡😈😬😠😨😵😎🙅👎👎👎👎👎…..
    If u r not doing drugs then what the fuck u were doing gesturing just like snoring wtf who the hell r u fooling …urself ???? Fuck hell gigi is definitely doing drugs

  5. She is at a Victoria secret party, why would she do it in front of people

  6. she claims she wasnt snorting coke due to cameras being around…..well cameras didnt stop kate moss from snorting a big line of coke back in her career

  7. She’s picking something up off of the ground or fixing her shoe. The angle makes it look wrong.

  8. It's cocaine, who cares. I do believe her though, doing that out in the open at a work event with cameras everywhere… she's not that stupid. Doesn't make sense for her to do it there.

  9. I did doubt this before seeing this video, but now I'm sold on it, lol. In retrospect, doubting it was really dumb since cocaine's been known to be the fashion industry's go-to drug for decades now. Allegedly, big name designers would convince celebs to attend their fashion shows by sending them a dress & a baggie of coke, which meant they shouldn't miss the show's afterparty. Also, if you weren't doing coke, tell people what you WERE doing in that shot, not just try to dismiss the rumors. Plain dumb.

  10. okay then what was it gigi

  11. lmfaooo anyone who has done coke can obviously confirm this. but who cares, almost everyone in hollywood does coke.

  12. she does cocaine she has one finger on her right nostril and with the other one she snorts.Many models do cocaine,also she doesnt even notices the costs of cocaine cuz shes rich

  13. Maybe she was trying to pick her nose and she didn't want to tweet that out lol

  14. her hands were on her forehead when she had her head down

  15. If she was doing it, where is the straw or dollar lol

  16. Either that little table smells great or she was doing cocaine. Tbh i wouldn't be surprised if it was cocaine

  17. What an idiot to even deny that. Lol it's the most obvious thing ever.

  18. 0:23 You see three horizontal lines on the table, right behind her right boob. Here's the evidence: 1) white lines on table, 2) puts nose right onto the same table, 3) is at a dance party, 4) is a celebrity, 5) is a fashion model. You'd need a serious blow to the head to not add that up.

  19. yeah she's such a good role model, I mean NO model in the HISTORY of models EVER got caught doing cocaine but denied it. why would you even think that? shame on you for blaming her for doing something she was obviously not doing. (that was sarcasm for those who didn't understand)

  20. She felt it was nesscery to explain what she wasnt doing. But she never did say, what she was doing

  21. In close up pics you can really see the white lines. It's so obvious whats she's doing that it's really funny that people still doubt it.

  22. Then why your nose on the table for? Tryna smell the wood or what?

  23. table was not totally clear. There was a whole bag of coco and she had her nose all in that bag. Codys phone was filming himself dancing? wdf?

  24. what were u doing then Gigi lol

  25. I'm a little tardy to the party, but I definitely don't think she was doing drugs. I would, however, like to know what she WAS doing.

  26. Its weird how she didn't deny  doing it lol ps cody simpson looks like Neil patrick haris

  27. Hollywoodlife you have to really dumb not see the cocaine haha stop changing the truth please say it like it is haha

  28. I believe her for two reasons. First there is nothing between her and the table- she is not holding a rolled up dollar bill, etc. There is no delivery system. I have never seen anyone with nostrils like hers snort anything without a delivery system. Second, cocaine is so 80's. Kids today are into Molly. Add to that she was working- its just too hard to believe. 

  29. stop it at 23 seconds. 

  30. What color is coke?  White.  What color is the table?  White.  Yeah, so you're not gonna see anything when it's a crappy cell phone video, especially when it's white on white.

  31. the question is ''what is it?'' why she bending??

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