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Glee Best Peformance Moments Ever

Glee Best Peformance Moments Ever

Glee series finale is here: so Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Naya Rivera and more make out list of the top musical performances in the series’ history.

Starring Emily Longeretta

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  1. my favorite is all of them..but…
    season one: gives you hell
    season two: lucky, loser like me, get it right
    season three: smooth criminal
    four: cold hearted, hopelessly devoted
    five: make you feel my love, all songs from episode ""one hundred"
    six:i lived

  2. How can you choose a top 3 when there are like over 700 perfornances?! XD

  3. I luv smooth criminal I mean that was perfect

  4. I love glee im a gleek and keep holding on is one of my favorites besides toxic and don't stop beliveing.

  5.  Don't Stop Believing, Get It Right, Loser Like Me, The Scientist, Against All Odds, Fix You, Keep Holdin On, Cry, Mine,  Cough Syrup, Roots Before Branches, and All songs from The Quarterback are the best. All make my feels go from 0-💯 real quick.

  6. But Teenage Dream has to be from the top 3 ?? it's the most amazing performance ever

  7. Don't Stop Believin' will always be my favorite. The perfect end to a perfect pilot

  8. We´ve got tonight was my favourite 🙁

  9. At 1:14 when the girl stands up 😂

  10. Sorry to glee lovers but glee sucked after Finn died and when some of them graduated…..I loved Glee.

  11. Somebody to love should be on this list

  12. when finn died i wassad but this show made me forget i love this hollywood life is the best

  13. Can't handle watching glee anymore, I'll just cry the whole time :-/

  14. Don't stop believing is. #1!!

  15. "Don't Stop Believing" and "Faithfully"

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