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Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity Lose Their Mind Together on National TV

Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity Lose Their Mind Together on National TV


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  1. Ya, laugh it up Cenk!!! 2016 – Trump is elected Potus – ha ha ho ho!!!

    4 million jobs are created – Bwa ha ha!!

    More Americans are now employed then at any other time in history – Oh ho ho ho!!

    U.S. Unemployment is at it's lowest levels in 49 years – Ah ha ha ha!!!

    Canceled Paris Climate Accord and Iran Nuke deal – Tee hee hee!!!!

    Approved the Keystone Pipeline – Ah ha ha ha!!!!

    Confirmed 2 Supreme Court justices and more circuit court judges then any other administration – Ha ha ha

    Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem – Oh ho ho!!!!

    Started to build the wall and changing immigration laws – Ha ha ha!!!!

    Ended NAFTA – He he he!!!!

    Travel ban upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court – Ah ha ha!!!!

    Canceled the stupid anti-coal, Clean Power Plan – Ho ho ho!!

    Signed the V.A. Choice Act and the Right to Try Act – Ah ha ha!!!!

    2020 Re-elected Potus – Oh stop, you're killin' me ha ha ho ho he he!!!

    2020 – Cenk Ungar puts a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger after he and his Young Turks go into a deep depression when he realizes EVERYONE HATES HIM AND HIS VILE LIBTURD MINIONS!!!!! – Man, I love this comedy!!

  2. Chunk do a video on Mein Kampf topping the bestseller list again in Turkey. It would be interesting to hear your take because your such a great friend to the Jewish people and rail against anti semitism all the time Perhaps you can discuss how you were able to elevate yourself above all the vitriol of your fellow Turks to become the champion of all the underdogs of the world today. Also did you receive a copy on your 13th birthday as is the custom in Turkey? I look forward to watching the video

  3. Cenk you shouldn't make fun of the mentally disabled.

  4. Your a douchebag, nobody cares what you think anymore, I thought this was a video with Glenn Beck but I realized it was just a Nazi!

  5. Young Turks=Old Jurks=Obsolete

  6. Seedy Sean and batty beck are birds of a propaganda feather.

  7. Cenk……..tell us the Russia collusion fairy tale again…….love that one!
    Well done on losing Jimmy Dore!!! LOL
    Also love watching "TYT Trump can't win Meltdown" video…….BLAhahahahaha

  8. If you want to know about communism you should ask Hasan. He seems to be quite knowledgeable.

  9. fat brown buffalo hates America !!!

  10. Hahahahaha Human Wave WTF!😂😂😂😂👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  11. Add human wave to the ever growing Republican conspiracy theories list:
    Civil war not about slavery
    Deep state
    Pizza gate
    Chem trails
    Flat earth
    Sandy hook
    Obama born in Kenya
    Maga bomber is a dem
    Chinese tanks in Mexico
    War on Christians
    War on Christmas
    War on white ppl
    War on men
    War on cops
    War on insert random act

  12. Overly sensitive eternally frightened doughy beta male snowflakes= all republicans/ trumptards

  13. Not an intelligent thought from all the Trumpanzees who believe George Soros will let China take over the United States.

    Morons. 🐒

  14. Word salad from the Word Salad President's propaganda machine.
    Seriously, I don't think those words mean what Hannity, Beck, and Trump think they do. But, then again their audience is too dumb to notice. Doubt me? Read the sub-literate comments from the trolls in this thread below.

  15. This is how the right thinks: Anyone to the left of them is a socialist. There is only one kind of socialism (they sometimes call it Marxism but the meaning is the same). Socialism is communism and communism is Nazism.

    By the way, what you're talking about is literally the same conspiracy theory the PIttsburgh shooter espoused.

  16. So glad jimmy dore left this sweaty persian fasist in the dust cenk ungyur stinks and now a lot more people know it

  17. Cenk is mentally losing it.

  18. Glenn Beck Sean hannity cucuuu cucuuu cucuuu cucuuu

  19. Cenk should not do closeups with that ugly mole ridden face

  20. Dude just wishing he was Stephen Crowder

  21. WTF ?

    Isn't this guy ON RUSSIAN TV?
    So he IS a communist!
    What a JACKASS!

  22. the deplorable is a symptom of American decline.


  24. Impeach the Redneck Clown!!!!
    Impeach the IDIOT!!!!

  25. The real a–holz were talking " russian collusion" for two years straight.
    Now they're hoping we forgot about their bullshit.

  26. I hate to be the one to tell you Cenk, because I know you're probably in that 1% that Bernie likes to demonize so much , but if Sanders or another " Progressive" ever becomes President and implements his policies without watering them down, his tax goons are coming for YOU, buddy.

  27. The left squandered two years time with Russia collusion conspiracies, when they could have formed their own Tea Party movement. Now the party is overrun with crackpots and gender-benders.

  28. Glen beck wants to be the new alex jones, the wacky, batboy, outrageous nitwit that the lemmings can flock to?

  29. Cenk is an ignorant clown. Just rewatch the election night footage on TYT and how they acted.

  30. Cenk is an idiot. He's been wrong about everything. He chuckles to brush off, the fact he gets EVERYTHING wrong. Name one thing Cenk gets right. Nothing. Cenk has ZERO credibility.

  31. ….. I think you offended all the Luna(fana)tics on the internet, by comparing them to Republicans Cenk. 😛

  32. Wow you're so cute….and you know it!

  33. I sure the hell wouldn't reach out to you. Your an idiot. George Soro make money from destroying countries.

  34. Think Government will get any we work done in 4 years

  35. VENEZUELA INVADED AMERICA. CONGRESS STILL sends money to Venezuela refuses to believe problem no EMERGENCY. Barr says Trump innocent Democrats say damn Stormy failed Mcain failed Russia failed crimes failed TAXES NEXT

  36. What happened 2 years ago were talking healthcare. McCain comes in waving funny book thumbs down no healthcare. Mueller takes funny book Congress says Trump koch es Russia Nd sends money to Venezuela but gives Trump no money for wall. Russia takes over Venezuela

  37. Please don’t underestimate the cult mentality of all this, Cenk. People believe this shit. They don’t care if it makes sense or not. They must believe.

  38. Cenk is right on! The Democtratic leadership keeps pedding this myth that we don't reach out. NO. The right wing refuses to reach out to us! This is a two way street, man. Have they made an effort? NO. NOthing from their end.

  39. Political corruption is bipartisan federal local and state

  40. Republicans are un-American traitorous garbage

  41. Me: Damn….almost hit conservative bingo
    Cenk: 1:36
    Me: BINGO!!

  42. Cenk for president ( after Bernie ) in 2028!

  43. Communists setting up Sharia Law? Aren't Islamism and Communism directly opposed to one another?

  44. And the award for Best You Tube thumbnails goes to TYT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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