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Global Protests: From Lebanon To Chile, Inside What Citizens Are Fighting For | NBC News Now

Lebanon, Iraq, Ecuador and Chile have recently erupted in protest as demonstrators clash with their respective governments. NBC News’ Cal Perry reports from Lebanon on the global protests and what people are fighting for.
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Global Protests: From Lebanon To Chile, Inside What Citizens Are Fighting For | NBC News Now


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  1. It is too late to awake now you have to pay the heavy price now for the choces poeple made.and dont think the super power care if all your nation is dead they care only about the oil and thier intersts in these countries

  2. Meanwhile in America we let them take away our healthcare, our pensions, our homes, keep us at low wages, censor our speech and hand all the wealth that we sweat to create over to the elite. We just lay down like dogs when they tell us we can't have healthcare, clean air, education or affordable housing. We just accept only having a choice "between the lesser of two evils" in our elections because we listen so naively when they tell us a Sanders for president is not possible. We do as we're told like complete cowards and fools.

    Americans could learn a thing or two, about knowing and fighting for your self worth, from the youth in these countries.

  3. UN should declare 2019 as

  4. Rage University – Per Ira Ad Libertas – Through Rage to Freedom – rageuniversity.org – Radical Activist Global Education

  5. My friend the last lcch told me about this

  6. Fiat money ends in disaster. Like 1929 in US this time it's global.

  7. The people outnumber the police

  8. Where's the molotov cocktails at?

  9. The United Nations is trying to implement the new world order, they are a evil entity that hides behind their lies.

  10. Raising the minimum wage isn't going to make those government regimes any less destitute. They can't provide you with wages because they don't make any money themselves. This is what happens when you think you can Destroy the profit motive. You just end up destroying the economy.

  11. To clear up the lies of television and news. In Chile it is not about the tariff increase of the subway, that was only the last drop, it is because of the economic inequality, where 2% of the rich are receiving all the profits of the country, while the others continue with salaries equal to those of Paraguay and we pay the same amount spent in Spain for more than 30 years, where salaries do not rise and costs increase every year in all areas. People no longer have enough to eat. The elderly have unworthy pensions, where they must decide whether to buy medicines or buy food. It's not $ 30 pesos, it's 30 years. and the authority was not "forced to militarize the streets" was a repression (and totally illegal) of the President towards the right to demonstrate, that it was and still are in totally peaceful, it is true that there are people vandalizing, but instead of indicating to the Police to act on this problem, they sent the military to the streets where people expressed themselves peacefully. And I reiterate, the militarization, curfew, violence and weapons occupied in the mobilizations are totally illegal under the laws of the State

  12. Thanks Hillary for setting the stage ….

  13. DOES ANYONE KNOW THAT LEBANON AND ANTI LEBANON WERE ONCE A HOLLOW WORLD TREE KNOWN AS YGGDRASIL??? It Was A World Tree But It Was Not And Never Was The Tree Of Life Because The Cedar Of Lebanon Which Is Found In The Book Of EZEKIEL 31. The Whole Chapter. This Tree Was In Eden But, But, It Was Never In The Garden Of Eden For In The Garden Of Eden Was The Tree Of Life And The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil. So YGGDRASIL Was In EDEN BUT It WAS NOT IN THE GARDEN Of EDEN… JUST EDEN.
    It Could be seen From Baghdad And Iraq. This Tree Was So Massive That The Cedars In The Garden Of Eden Could not Hide It. IMAGINE THAT.
    Whole Different World Before The Flood.

  14. Proverbs 29:2 “2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”

    The true inhabitants of the land of Israel are not in their homeland, which are the so-called Negroes, Latinos/Hispanics, & Native Americans today. That’s why this earth is all out of sync, but not for long..

  15. I totally agree with Elizebeth Tweet. We support them but we have our own problems. Lebanon asking for help is selfish in my opinion. Sending people from United States to Lebanon is not going to give them jobs. America has issues with EVERYTHING.

  16. 🇨🇱 chile struggle continues to take out this thieves who only govern in favor of empires that are super rich while the people go hungry

  17. The Algerian one is more peaceful yet it's hidden by the medias

  18. Turns out the USA got everthing right with there constitution.

  19. Hmmm suprising there are also riots in Venezuela Honduras some parts of iran etc. Not just these countries

  20. in 2020 we will have more country protest Because 2020 will be Economic crisis

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