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Going to Spring Break in Miami! March 16th, 2017
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***Miami Meetup Info***
Sunday, March 19th 10:00AM
Primo Cafe & Market
3924 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL 33140

Erik Conover
PO BOX 201
New York N.Y. 10156


snapchat: erikconover

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Music By:
James Hersey – Coming Over (filous Remix)

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  1. Yes a raw and uncut video would be awesome! I was actually thinking about that a few vlogs back when watching your vlogs. Hope all is well.

  2. Raw, uncut NY footage would be great! I'm so pleased your meeting at Ford went well Erik, you should be modeling. I love that so many amazing opportunities are coming your way.

  3. what kind of raybans are those?

  4. Hey Erik (and all)! I'm just getting into this vlogging thing and my commute takes me through the same areas where you were in this video. But I am SO SO embarrassed to vlog there! I feel like all the other New Yorkers are judging me, haha! Did you ever feel that way? Any tips for getting over it?

  5. I'll look forward to see your Miami videos

  6. New York gives certain OPPORTUNITIES that you might not find other places .

  7. I was there and had no wifi so I didn't know you were there 😬

  8. Yes more vids like this please

  9. Awe man, I was in Miami yesterday for only a little bit but I didn't know about the meeting.. ;-; Oh well, I hope you had a great time! <3

  10. Yay!! Loved the vibes in this vlog, super super positive….contagious! Totally needed as I sit here in jury duty awaiting my fate. Glad you had a fun trip in Miami. Have an awesome week, can't wait for the Miami vlogs! Yeew!! 🙌🙌


  12. Erik, are you back at "FORD"?

  13. More NYC vlogs like this! 😃👍

  14. It was so AWESOME to meet you Erik! down to earth guy, you are an honest real person in real life and through your vlogs! kudos from Miami! and remember to always #liveal100!!

  15. love these vlogs Erik! Have fun in Miami! 🙂

  16. honestly walking through new york city was such a unique experience when i visited, so i think a video of your commute would be super interesting. especially for people who haven't ever visited the city!!

  17. Same about relationships, it's all about perspective. We change our angle (to the other angle) and we get closer to understanding each other.. At least, a bit of comprehension and empathy. The same too with situations in our lives.

  18. I live in Miami and there is soooo much to do. Not to brag but we have it all haha, beaches, art, beautiful people, food, and culture!! Enjoy your time here!

  19. You seem particularly happy today, Erik! I'm so glad(:

  20. hey Erik! Love your vlogs! I make vlogs too and would love if you checked them out?

  21. i'm not in miami, but i am watching the golden girls, so pretty close…

  22. Good choice on the sunglasses, they look great on your face

  23. Im doing weekly vlogs now, a new one EVERY FRIDAY 🙂 And I just wanted to say that you inspired me

  24. I hope Erik gets signed to ford he could be such a huge model

  25. I wish I could go to your meet up but I'm up north in Florida 🙁

  26. Have fun! I'm heading to Miami in a couple weeks. I'll watch your vlogs for spots to check out over there. :]

  27. Anyone noticed that Erik said " polish " right when he was waking by a " nails" banner 😮

  28. that uncut transit video would be real cool

  29. Wrong with the Music, it´s Dillon Francis and Kygo Feat James Hersay – Coming over(Filous remix). Huge different, give the right credits. Love you vlogs btw.

  30. Definetly Raw and Uncut, you're interesting person so there's no need to add hyper exciting content!

  31. hey erik i was curious to know if you have ever been on a cruise?Im debating on going on one here real soon.Im just curious as to you perspective? You are the best daily vlogger on here keep at it man!

  32. I wish to see a a one hour vlog just walking around NYC, I can never get enough of it.

  33. I'd watch that uncut video 🙂

  34. Raw n uncut….wish that was the way to vlog….I would do ok I yhink 😜but i Don't mind raw vid. ( not sexual) lol.. creative 🤓

  35. I just watched 8 minutes of product placement. Who wants to see that…?

  36. Definitely want to watch a raw& editfree video🌚

  37. literally just got back from south beach hahaha def try down n dirty tacos and tequila bar bc best thing i tried there

  38. in this video you joke about clickbait but you shadow ban us for mentioning it a few times..

  39. 6:30 love that 2 palms picture it's so cute i want one😍 also yas raw videos the good'ol daaays *21pilotsVoice**😂

  40. if u're in Ford models do u know meriam boukadida? she's a model; ik her cuz she is tunisian😊

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