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Google booth tour at CES 2018

Google booth tour at CES 2018

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  1. Those are some really awful glasses.

  2. Isn't most of this functionality already in phones?

  3. "Hey google, read me your privacy statement"

  4. Google Assistant vs Alexa? Not even a match.

  5. ok google do my homework, revision, exams, a levels and get me degree ?

  6. "results of a soccer match" is that really how people from the UK talk?

  7. I spy with my little eye, Tito Hamze in the background! 😉

  8. would have been cool if a video titled "Google booth tour at CES 2018" actually had a tour of Google's booth.

  9. Think about Android Auto in cars and think about self-driving cars. Boom! Push the software update and YouTube gets thrown onto Android Auto. Google's win is inevitable.

  10. Wasn’t it “ok google“? When did it become “hey”?

  11. What's there to wait and see
    Obviously it's going to be a sweep from Google

  12. Your glasses seems uncomfortable 👓😧

  13. Was I the only one who thought his glasses were too high?

  14. If they really want to go head to head they need to stop charging to use google assistance for their google home.

  15. If Google continues to employ sjws and put them into management I think the company will go downhill. Sjws have no interest in growing a business. They have more interest using the business to spread their ideology. Google is strong because of it's history and position but bad management will destroy a company eventually.

  16. Those glasses don't fit him very well..

  17. "More Greater!!!!!" Really people, learn how to speak proper English Please!!!!! It's more great or greater. More greater is redundant and sounds like your stupid. Sorry for the rant, I just can't handle it anymore..

  18. Its all fun and games, when your native language is english. But when its not, its really kinda frustrating.
    All these new goodies/AR solutions/assistance. But dont work in another language than english.

  19. google's one step closer to world domination

  20. My google home mini activated when it heard, “HEY GOOGLE”

  21. smart displays? hmmm they look very familiar to what we used to call "tablets" …creativity running low these days

  22. I’m guessing their game console that they talked about in the one video(Google Nexus Orbit) was fake or just cancelled??

  23. been using android auto for over a year and its a mess and very frustrating. its all very half ass would be the best way to say it. I’m going to put alexa in my car and stick to cds and a hard drive. streaming freezes up a lot on android auto and sounds like crap

  24. No Google robot? Oh come on Google, gimme a home humanoid robot!

  25. Video set my Dot playing 'On days like these'.

  26. What are they using for projectors/screens on the building?

  27. There is no product called an Amazon Alexa. It's called an Amazon Echo. Alexa is the wake word. Stop calling the product by its wake word.

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