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Google Home Max review

Google Home Max review

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  1. idk about the first gen sonos play 5, but the google home max definitely doesnt sound better than the second gen sonos play 5…

  2. Where exactly would audio enthusiasts do better for under $400?

  3. A bit overpriced, cmon Google.

  4. All you have to do is say Google next and it plays the next song on the play list

  5. Sound quality of the video is weaker…

  6. You can skip tracks… You just tap the end of the line… Seriously come on

  7. You need to do your research properly next time cos you used old play 5 for comparison!

  8. This video has so many inconsistencies. Chromecast shown is the video not the audio. The play 5 shown is the gen 1 version etc. Engadget just do a little homework and keep your standards high please!

  9. are you kidding? why would you use first gen sonos play 5 imagery..

  10. You can skip to the next track by telling the assistant to skip. No need for a touch control.

  11. It's pronounced Home Max, not Ho Max. yeesh

  12. lol nobody cares about google

  13. why are you showing a chromecast ultra and talking about the chromecast audio?

  14. Your quality control for the B roll on the Sonos Play:5 and the Chromecast was not there.
    That is an old old Sonos Play:5, and not a Chromecast Audio but rather an Ultra.

  15. Does anybody know how it compares to Marshall Woburn?

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