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Google Pixel and Pixel XL: Review

Everyone else making Android phones should be a little worried: http://engt.co/2dkWSOJ

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  1. I had this phone for about a week and it's a very well built device, but the battery is absolute shit. I'm not sure what was going ,but I'd be lucky if I got a full days use. I am returning it to pick up the s8 plus. I haven't had a Samsung device since the note 4 and have been rocking the v20 this last year. In hoping for a stellar device with a great battery life.

  2. This vid was posted on my bday….ok carry on

  3. Did you buy the phone or did Google send it to you for reviews?

  4. Quick question to anyone owning the Pixel XL.

    Just got mine today from Amazon. I'm suspecting it's a refurbished (sold as new for ~$900 32GB).

    My question is this– for the glass panel on the back, does it look slightly off center on the fingerprint scanner? Like by maybe 1MM or so?

    Or is it just how the glass looks? With a case on, you don't notice, but when it's naked it looks a little off.


  5. I planned on getting a Google Pixel, went to the phone store and the guy said, "Every single Pixel that was sold was returned because it dropped calls." Not trying to bring hate but that is what the phone store guy said

  6. you need to quit your jobs mate because you are useless

  7. better then the iPhone 7 is that why IV got both and taken them both to my local shop and showed people the difference and they said the iPhone is better

  8. impressive cameras really it's shit mate I wish I went with something else

  9. I'm getting the pixel xl 128gb as soon as it's in stock. The wait seems to be forever though 🙁

  10. hi can you please share the link of your wallpaper for the xl?

  11. I need help:Should I get the ,,notmal'' Pixel or is the extra money for the XL worth it? And also: Do I need 128 GB or are 32 just enough?

  12. Better then iphone7/7plus!!!!
    R u f**kin kidding…….

  13. 2:45 What's a gif? did you mean gif?

  14. best phone I've ever had. hands down. had note 7, s7 edge, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, HTC 10, g5

  15. why the fuck does the black version look like a white phone with cheap black paint over the front bezels? you can still see white it's odd

    also all of the missing features on a phone that can cost up to a thousand dollars in the US is fucking ridiculous

  16. Looks promising but is it affordable?That's the question.

  17. The next iteration of these phones will be better. It will have waterproof coating and will be worth the price

  18. Why did they opt out of front facing speakers. Instead the Pixel has a huge chin for no reason

  19. Great phone, great review as well!

  20. For those who can't afford, here's the giveaway: https://wn.nr/h8pVkn
    you're welcome

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