Home / Tech / Google tweeted out a picture of the Pixel 4 | Engadget Today

Google tweeted out a picture of the Pixel 4 | Engadget Today

Google tweeted out a picture of the Pixel 4 | Engadget Today

If you can’t beat the leakers, join them?

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  1. ngaz wuz all exited… finally i get to steal a pixel

  2. Get a life people . Breathe the air . Look at real life and talk to real people for once .

  3. Forced ads up front Always gets thumbs down from me . Spread the word and take back our time

  4. Ah, thank goodness you said the Pixel 4 camera module is like the one on the Huawei Mate 20 pro, and not the iPhone 11. Mate 20 Pro was the first to feature that design they should be credited. Can't believe all the idiots saying Google's copying Apple's design here (of an unreleased phone that too).

  5. I wish our brains as humans could get the "upgrades" that some Gadgets nowadays… imagine the possibilities?
    I do…Skynet?
    Most likely, worst case scenario teaching a computer how to be human and then , all the flaws show up, sadly i hope we are heading to the right direction.

  6. It got 2 cam at back confirmed and that small dot in cam bump at the lower end is the flash

  7. Why is she bouncing when she speaks?

  8. My nefew have a pixel 3 and the battery lasts less than the galaxy S3.

  9. Why? Why Google? Big square, off centered, raised lens bump.🤬 Iphone 11 looks just as 💩
    Who designs these new phones? Would look better if centered and level with glass back!

  10. her voice gets so high pitched

  11. These crazy camera designs on smartphones need to stop

  12. honey listen to me you totally forgot the biggest lake out there when Evan blass tweeted pictures of the phone he is spot on

  13. a meme turned into reality

  14. Not much content, editorial additions as annoying as the tone. Sorry.

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