Home / Tech / Google’s new Chrome experiment flags your stolen passwords | Engadget Today

Google’s new Chrome experiment flags your stolen passwords | Engadget Today

Google's new Chrome experiment flags your stolen passwords | Engadget Today

It’s optional, but super-helpful.

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  1. What's this guys name? Really like his episodes 🙂

  2. Yeah…trust Google…hahahaha…NO!

  3. I think something like this should be baked into chrome rather than left as a option.

  4. What about chrome on phones

  5. But what I expires much more is that because I’m Chinese which mean I need vpn to access the real Internet,and I also have lots phones,all those stuff makes me look like someone whose passwords have been stolen,so I aways force to change the password otherwise I can't access the service,which is really troublesome,because after a while I can not remember which passwords I was use.

  6. I cannot find "Password Checkup" in the chrome store in my region.

  7. Would be cool if they made passwords for you like apple does

  8. Whoa this is really cool, I installed the plugin and now if I try to type my Google password into a public forum like this: ******** , it censors it automatically! Thanks Google!

  9. Another problem is we can't use this on Chrome for Android because apparently developers don't care enough to make plug-ins available on the Google Play Store.

  10. Does it censor them too?

  11. That's my job😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. NEVER trust GOOGLE… period. This is just the beginning…

  13. The 2nd last sentence activated my Google Home. Thanks for that!

  14. Surely what Google really does that doesn't make anyone notice what the engine has known about u

  15. Sure!! Google "doesn't know or see" what the password is! Sounds believable..

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