GOP Rep. on why impeachment 'has been unfair from the beginning'

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Penn.) discusses the two ‘flimsy’ articles of impeachment and points to the deep partisan divide on the issue.

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  1. Unfair from beginning :

    – fake Professor witness
    – crying ex-ambassador ( Yovanovitch)
    – no whistleblower testify

  2. Are you still besting your dog? A yes is condemning. But a no is also condemning. They want a no win question to be the article to get a conviction on an innocent man.

  3. Forget about the circuses Concentrate on Virginia if you are unaware what’s about to happen

  4. No no we the american people are not falling for their shenanigans ! Democrats are pure stupid !

  5. Russia if you’re listening please help
    China should investigate the Biden’s
    I want you to do us a favor

  6. Nancy stop pretending you are in control coz you are not. First you no longer know what you are talking abt. Like Biden who have no idea as to where he is. But most Americans know why you are doing what you and the other like you are doing, COVER UP YOUR AND YOUR FAMILIES ' CORRUPTIONS. YOU MADE YOURSELVES FILTY RICH WHILE YOUR JURISDICTION BECAME THE FILTIEST PLACES. SHAME ON YOU CORRUPT ELITES DROWN DROWN DISGUSTING FILTS.

  7. The house can be liken to a grand jury, they can't convict, only an OK to convict..the Senate can be liken to court..they can choose to accept or not through normal court process. other words, the grand jury does NOT have the power to convict, nor dictate the process!

  8. Democrats needs to get a taste of their own medicine. Now Our President can lay it all out.Senate is the key remember.

  9. Don't worry, Be happy she might go to jail with her some of he Do-nothing Party worker go to prison. It's about time. President can get new house of Speaker or never just GOP back up.

  10. Subpoena Nancy to appear and present the papers.

  11. The Dems just make me laugh. They should just go away.

  12. Love it when the idiots have these half-assed clips that cut off before the end.

  13. Why can't we all just get along?!
    Oh, that's right, the dims don't want us to because then they have no power!
    Peace & love all my brothers & sisters. Stand united against those who will divide us!
    We get along just fine without government interference! 😊✌
    Don't get me wrong, i'm all for border security & a strong military so that we can all be safe & secure!
    Merry Christmas!

  14. Did Nancy forget to call so called essential witnesses in Congress??? Just lazy or too scared to challenge executive privilege of Mcgahn in courts…. so now she thinks she can bend Senates arm??? Good luck

  15. Democrats are mad as hell that President Trump is still President. Lol

  16. 🇺🇲McConnell needs to change the rules that the House has two weeks to send the articles over or it's nullified

  17. The impeachment is like a grand jury. It’s essentially an indictment of the president.

  18. What bothers me about THIS Republican is that I watched him desperately try and use this fiasco in the House to gain attention for himself. He saw others get attention by standing up to democrat leadership in the house and senate and saw how it helped them and you could tell he really wanted to follow suit and reap the same rewards and honestly it just really turned me off. Matt Gaetz is a naturally passionate individual. Ratcliffe was sincere when he stepped up. Others were as well. This guy stepped up prematurely more than once and took a ball and a bat to the face.

  19. Pardon me, The American People have been railroaded by the Conspiracy Theories bought into by this President!

  20. We no longer want a President who is so insecure that he buys into Russian Security Services Conspiracy Theories. Fox News, stop minimizing the profound need for the American People to hear from Presidential Advisors in testimonial in the Senate!

  21. Nervous Nancy has been biting on her false teeth ever since impeachment day.

  22. How incredibly hypocritical of the dirty dems to try to dictate how the Senate will handle this and insist on calling additional witnesses, when they blatantly broke the rules by not allowing the Republicans in the House to have their day of witnesses, as required by the law! The public (the ones who look for truth) see right through this sham, and the whole world is watching their foolishness.

  23. Major Demoncrat donor booked for PEDOPHILIA towards a 9yr old. DR. Hensley is tied to Schiff, Shumer, Pelosi, Nadler, hell all them are pedos✌️

  24. The corrupt Media got trump elected in the first place lol

  25. Nancy Pelosi is nothing more than a treasonous criminal along with Adam Schiff & the democrat congress members because they took part in this treasonous act against the president & the American people…I believe voters will make big changes in congress because they have not done the will of the people in fact they have done absolutely nothing for the American people ..Congress democrats must be removed & prosecuted for treason.

  26. Well, given that impeachment didn't happen, there's nothing unfair about it. The House Democrats are giving the 2020 elections to the Republicans

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