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Gov. Andrew Cuomo provides daily coronavirus update: May 4 | USA TODAY

Gov. Andrew Cuomo provides updates at his daily briefing on the coronavirus pandemic in New York.
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  1. Game of Twister blamed for 14% of COVID-19 cases @ farceynews.com

  2. I wonder if King Andrew is getting his hair cut????

  3. Do you just like to hear yourself talk? Quit telling stories and get to the point!!!!

  4. Do we realize that there are a lot of Chinese people who work in Europe who returned home for the New Year and then back to Europe???? Don't blame this virus on Europe!!!

  5. Finally, we spoke with the store owner who sold masks After selling the mask for $ 130, he cut 90%. No monopoly

  6. Cuomo is still a DING WEENIE!!!🇺🇸😝👎

  7. Did anyone notice that no one is wearing a mask. They could have passed someone with the virus anywhere in the building. They tell us about mask. I haven't seen 1 person wearing a mask. Even the president wears a mask in his video's. The people in the video's don't wear mask. That can't be to healthy.

  8. Governor Mussolini needs to answer for thousands of nursing home deaths.

  9. His press conference is longer because he wants every one to understand what he is saying everyone isn't college educated,and he makes sure when he's finished people will understand how we can save our lives.He cares, and the people of New York are very lucky to have him as Governor.

  10. cuomo

    -did not shut down subway system or overnight for disinfecting till a week ago
    -made a rule anyone in an old peoples home with c-19 had to be allowed back in the old peoples home
    -did not lock down state until late march(now he tries to play it off like hes a hero when he didn't do anything and if becoming an overnight tyrant)
    -spent time crying on tv about ventelators he didn't need (for kickbacks) rather then doing anything again.
    -mocked people of faith and wants people who have no money b.c they are jobless at this point fined for not wearing masks.
    leadership and needs to go.even more troubling is the fact that the
    hospitals are and have been
    calling people that go in or die there c-19 patients when they are not ,
    inflating the number and being allowed to..I smell corruption

  11. Andrew Cuomo slowly becoming Hugo Chavez

  12. When Covid19 started, at first mortality went up but now statistics have showed that there is no real threat for healthy people under 60 years old. Covid19 mortality for healthy people under 60 years old is lower than 1%. Old people and sick people should stay home. We also need a contingency plan for nursing homes and transportation system. Healthy people under 60 should get back to work. Total quarantine is not socially or economically sustainable. Thousands die in traffic accidents every year and government do not ban cars, thousands die of heart attacks and hypertension and the government do not require food companies to lower the percentage of fat and sodium in food. Data here https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/deaths.htm. 2 million 800 hundred thousand people die each year and the government did not required quarantine in previous years. Why now then? The idea is to live like this forever? Coronavirus will not go away. The subject of death is taboo. Death is often hidden from view and only rarely discussed. We talk about that now beacuse of Covid19. 65k is a small number compared with total deaths. United States has such a denying and avoiding attitude toward death. The cycle of life. did you worry last year for the 2,813,503 deaths? guess not

  13. It is like the flu. That is what the data is revealing. The flu kills, too. And the flu vaccines are not 100% effective. In fact, the flu vaccine in 2018 was only 50% effective, which is why there was an epidemic that year. This chump is just milking this virus for federal money and to control people.

  14. Why can we not, hear the question's?

  15. This death chart he shows…why are the numbers different on the updated CDC website…w. 226 death from New york… cdc shows 138 deaths updated may 2nd…in the US for the week. Here's the link. So which one is right?? https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htm

  16. Do New Yorkers really need Cuomo's elementary lecture on a daily basis? He sounds like a high school teacher.

  17. How are kids living in poorer sections, with 3,4,5 kids to a 1,2 bedroom house being homeschooled? Do they all have computers, internet connections, space from other noise? these kids will be a hot mess when school begins again.

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  19. Too many press conferences. Great governor but his press conferences are all the same. It takes him for ever to explain something.

  20. Assholes padding shit to steal from the feds

  21. “Tracing” , call the NSA.

  22. 7:24

    I thought it was obvious the virus came from countries outside of China at least a month ago, how did the CDC just learn of this last week?

  23. Educated people on any health issues to help them keep healthy.

  24. Greatest city in the world you've done a great job as a governor,,,
    During these trying times,,,
    But one huge question what about the food why should we have food lines blocks Long's,
    You have protected us greatly from this covid-19,,
    But not everybody's dietary needs can't be picked up at a food pantry that runs out,,
    There is not enough money with citizens on SSI SSDI Railroad Retirement Etc in our budgets afford what are in the stores,
    Even if they are carrying what date you need,,
    SNAP has given no increase or as you say relief in this situation,,
    Again thank you for the great job you did during this pandemic,,
    We need to eat good again,,,
    Even with the stimulation check it's really just a touch of help due to We Live check to check,,
    Thank you again you already had my vote the next time around

  25. Here in tx we have cases climbing and our governor decided to start opening ,insane we haven't hit our peak yet,wow people don't have right to kill me or anyone not even governors have that right🤔

  26. So what do you suggest king Cuomo? We should just all go work in a grocery store or else live in a tent for the next year, and kids don’t get normal education? Or is government going to keep printing money to support us and THEN when it’s all over and the economy is destroyed, we go live in a tent?

  27. Yes this great idea Mr.Gov Andrew

  28. Yes yes yes greatly thank you to Mr. Gov. Andrew cuomo

  29. Greetings from Germany : our Numbers are ( according to John Hopkins University 4 May 18.12 ) : Infected 165.745 , Healty again 132.700 Death : 6.899 ( 82 Million Citizen )
    We have reopened ( a part of Business ) 2 weeks ago , the Rt is 0,76
    Americans , hear to Cuomo , wear a Mask , one of five Person did not detect that he or she are spreading the Virus because they feel good … , they think they are healty , thats tricky
    You can reopen if you follow the Rules . wear a Mask , keep Distance as long as no Drug or vaccine is found ..
    Obviously its easier for ( most ) German to follow the Rules , if you look at the Numbers , Germany does well ( OK , we have not Trump as Commander in Chief , thats a very good thing …)

    As long as no Cure , no drug , no vaccine is found its very important to follow the Rules , please , its for your own good and the USA , i see the protest , everyone wants to re open , but its essential to understand how tricky this Virus is , not everyone gets sick but is infected , its a 10-14 days delay for them who gets sick to feel sick but they were spreading the Virus in these days
    Testing : how needed and usefull this testing may be , its only a snapshot … , one hour later you can be infected … , a negative is no reason to feel secure , an antibody test is a complete other thing , you may be immune.

  30. He talks like the shutdown will happen for the entire year in NY

  31. What he needs to do is stop broadcasting himself on a daily basis, once a week is fine all this guy wants is to be on TV and be the center of attention, this guy is a joke.

  32. Any country in the state???? 🙄

  33. Look at the data. 700/22000000 that means open the state dick. 225/22000000 is called normal.

  34. I cant believe that all death on sunday is from Corona , there is no car accident, shooting , or heart attack or from normal flu , food poisoning or even alien invasion??

  35. He needs to be optimistic a little bit!!! Its good sign

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