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Grace Vanderwaal Reveals How Lizzo & Ariana Grande Inspire Her & Touring | Hollywoodlife

Grace Vanderwaal Reveals How Lizzo & Ariana Grande Inspire Her & Touring | Hollywoodlife

Grace Vanderwaal reveals why Lizzo & Ariana Grande are her biggest inspirations and talks about touring. #GraceVanderwall #Lizzo #ArianaGrande

Grace VanderWaal told the inspired crowd at Rolling Stone‘s Women Shaping The Future Brunch how excited she was to be there (and to miss school), before serenading the group with an acoustic rendition of “Valerie” by The Zutons. The 15-year-old America’s Got Talent winner opened up to HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview ahead of her special performance, revealing the woman in her life that has been a big inspiration lately. “Lizzo has changed my life. She inspires me so much,” she said, almost speechless before continuing to say, “I honestly have friends because of her. She’s so inspiring.”

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Grace Vanderwaal Reveals How Lizzo & Ariana Grande Inspire Her & Touring | Hollywoodlife


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  1. More exclusive interviews in the members only community page!

  2. Ali -Who has inspired u

    Grace -lozzo and Ariana

    I would have said Ali -honestly


  3. she looks like a weirdo 😂

  4. who let her walk out the house with those ugly glasses and hair looking like that?!

  5. I definitly sure she is living second life XD. The reason why she is saying she is young so whatever she wares is good looking😍 that's true. that is the sentence adult often used. lol😂

  6. Awe, she was so sweet when I saw her! It’s nice to know that she is still making music

  7. She looks like mj from the sam riami films…

  8. Why is she dressed like a granny?

  9. I hate grace vanderall or how ever you spell her name
    Edit: Jesus Christ, some old man are angry in my reply’s today… you known who you are

  10. I saw this love perform a couple years ago she was amazing❤!1!1!1!

  11. last time I was this early Olivia jade was still in college

  12. She looks cute ain't lying thats for sure

  13. Another weirdo in the making… 🤣

  14. She should have sung stray to promote it instead of a cover

  15. She looks like Maddie Ziegler. I literally thought it was hers in disguise

  16. Great little interview. Always a delight to hear from Grace. So intelligent.

    Yes to summer tour as Grace is a fantastic live performer.

  17. Why does she look like a substitute teacher😂😂😂😂 no hate love u grace!

  18. She looks like a young sia!!!!!

  19. Very nice little interview! Excited to see her in concert again! Yay on the summer tour!

  20. That's so sweet how she is considerate and asks the interviewer her name

  21. So humble and adorable! Love how she remains down to earth

  22. Does she have a nose job??

  23. She is not even famous

  24. She took Maury Ballstein's glasses from Zoolander. 🤣👌

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  26. I'm 33 and like this girl! Sweet, Genuine, kind, talented and most of all HUMBLE!

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