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Grayson Boyd at Miami Swim Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion

Grayson Boyd at #ArtHeartsFashion #MiamiSwimWeek Woody and Amy Michleb led the backstage hair styling team to create a multitude of hairstyles for the Art Hearts Fashion runway using the amazing Style the Runway hair products, Hairdreams extensions and Cliove tools! Makeup direction by the amazing #AprilLoveProTeam w/ #PoiseCosmetics #BdelliumTools Sponsors: #MonsterEnergy #ShibueCouture #AlfaRomeo #LaCroixSparklingWater #intheweedsnaturalskincare

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  1. The only thing hotter than seeing a hot guy in speedo's is seeing a hot guy not wearing speedo's.

  2. when someone has a belly , isn't it mostly crap piled up and need to cleanse your system out before you can exercise?

  3. no names of these gorgeous people?

  4. Amazing how the right cut of a swimsuit can make just about any body-type look great. As a slightly pudgy 50+ male I can't wait to buy these suits!

  5. weird. Women are much better to watch on the runway.

  6. Naked bodies and black shoes. Wrong combination .

  7. same style different color patterns. who b looking at suits any how or at parts of them.

  8. This is a beef show, not a fashion show…

  9. Noticed Seth Holbrook in there! Nice bod Seth!

  10. 3rd guy is so tight and his ass cheeks are HOT.

  11. Nossa meu p* molhou aqi cada bunda delícias

  12. when they are walking back – just imagine they are nude. wow

  13. second boy has to be naked all the time, may be I would pay him to do some housekeeping

  14. What is the point of ALL THESE GYM RATS doing the runway????????

  15. Yum! Fashion is where it is at. Especially here in liberal ass Austi, Tx.
    Dateless and who cares?
    I am a happy, healthy 54 year old man. "Hmm"? Ha! Ha!
    Monday is my birthday AND I am going to be alone with GOD! 😎

  16. Awesome guys. but its strange, female models have to do some kind of work on the runway. Males just "walk"

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