Grisham: Pelosi should focus on this instead of impeachment

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham explains why Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s D-Calif. decision to hold onto the articles of impeachment has ‘backfired’ on her.

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  1. 1:04 why he did something wrong?

  2. Donald J Trump will be IMPEACHED by the U.S. House of Representatives, that is a fact. After Donald J Trump or as I call him: "Draft Dodger Donnie" is voted out of office in 2020 A.D. Mr. Trump will have appear in New York State Courts for multiple lawsuits. Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A drunk helping a drunk. The one that gets. Paid to go on fox news show and lie

  4. the president is doing so great. his press secretary doesnt give press conferences. only speaks on fox news.

  5. TRUMP 2020!!! 🍾🥂🍾🥂🍻🍻🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. “Traditionally it’s always been Republicans suppressing votes in places. Let’s start protecting our voters. We know where they are. Let’s start playing offense a little bit. That’s what you’re going to see in 2020. It’s going to be a much bigger program, a much more aggressive program, a much better-funded program.” 
    — Justin Clark, Senior Campaign Advisor to Donald Trump, Wisconsin chapter meeting of the Republican National Lawyers Association, November 21, 2019

  7. Somebody has the magic wand. Trump is his name.

  8. Why don't Pubs want witnesses? Why don't Pubs seek the truth?

  9. Who has ever heard of a trial without witnesses and documents?

  10. Grisham is just a minionette.


  12. "The people will believe what the media tells them to believe" — George Orwell.

  13. Why are liberals haters still watching Fox? This thread is for deplorables only. Go follow your MSM and add your comments to those threads. Will see u where it matters. At the ballot box 2020

  14. I'm waiting patiently for the Durham Report, as Durham has the power to launch criminal prosecutions, unlike the IG's report. It's hilarious that the IG stated that there was no 'political bias' found in his investigations.

  15. We the American people are sick and tired of it, but we can't do anything about it and those bastards know it.

  16. The media is NOT going to look within itself or change, because they are NOT in the news reporting business anymore. They have become nothing more than progressive leftists activists and they don't care about the people. They are the enemy of the people and should be blown off the face of this planet, their offices turned into smoldering piles of rubble, and "real media" installed in their place that will actually "inform" the public.

  17. Well the problem is the ballot fraud scams in both NY and CA that keep people like Pelosi and Schumer "elected for life" and unaccountable to the voters. These scams need to be smoked out, the people running them, executed, and then we can get rid of swamp dwellers like Schumer & Pelosi.

  18. Rather than continue to try and sell fox content as “news” I suggest the network repackage it as children’s programming and run it exclusively on Saturday mornings.  Mind you, kids are pretty good at detecting nonsense themselves, so fox would probably fail there also.

  19. The false news agencies are confusing some of the American people

  20. The tactics being used by the news agencies I've seen this before, it's the same tactics used by Foreign intelligence services

  21. Every city that the Democrats hold shall fall

  22. They threatened Witnesses they withheld the president's basic rights oh, it was a railroad job

  23. Investigate/Arrest Criminal Demoncrat Congress!



  26. To sll the smart Republican pundits below is only a sample of commonsense that you guys dismiss as ridiculous because you are smarter in academics then average Joe. You're blind to basic realities that us outside the box thinkers see as plain as day but you over look.

  27. No impeachment is not the main goal its the brainwashing saying impeachment 1000s of times a day will convince voters Trump is bad. The Dems have manipulated 2020 vote by tricking the putty brains to vote democrat/socialism. Pelosi knows what shes doing.

  28. The whole Democratic side of Congress are drug abusers. Look at them. If your kid acted this way you drug test them.
    We need a Wall get over it. Cocaine will be stopped or slowed down get over it. Needs to be done. Its collateral damage. Agreed your living room is your business. Yes should be legal and taxed but it isn't and still need a wall so get over it. Democrats always said pot is a gateway drug. Today they all admit to doing it, so connect the dots. But we still need the wall.

  29. If you love your kids and grandkids you'd vote Trump. If you hate your kids and grandkids you'd vote any Democrat.

  30. Nancy heres a thought, what if the whistleblower is lieing? Heres another thought you never thought about because you have a turtle brain. The whistleblower IS lieing.
    Question! Who the heck keeps voting for you? Your district OMG puppets, sheep, snails fungus brains.

  31. If Republicans investigated Democrats with same determination as Dems all Dems pretty much would be in jail. But Democrats are above the law Republicans know this and look otherway. Sad! Thats why Democrats try to cater to stupid voters as they have no clue. Democrats is another name for corruption and rob the taxpayers.

  32. Joe and Hunter Biden make the Mafia crimes look like simple misdemeanors. They are guilty as sin. Saying for so long what does Trump have to hide ? Well the socks on Bidens feet now.
    Lets see Bidens IRS returns and oversea bank accounts. Theres a trail if Republicans get a spine.

  33. President Trump 2020… If President Trump hadn't been elected in 2016 the American Citizens would've never been the wiser of the Democrats & Swamp Creatures criminal deals. American Justice is coming for you… President Trump has awaken the eyes of the American People. Vote All Democrats Out Of Office… Pull the plug on the Swamp.

    Drain the Swamp…
    President Trump 2020
    Run, don't walk to Vote RED…

    Democrats insanity is unfolding, Fake News is pushing their agenda, Nothing new.

  34. ➗💠➗💠➗💠➗💠➗💠➗💠34
    Nancy Pelosi's only hope is an exorcism…👽
    Nancy Pelosi AKA Linda Blair. GLOBALISM

  35. 💯❤️ Brilliant 💯
    Father God, Creator Bless Honorable Madam Speaker Of The House Pelosi, For Speaking The Truth, Caring And Standing Up For All People, Amen.

    The man of lawlessness is revealed, GOG=GOP, MAGOG=MAGA, all racist white supremacists and surrogates around the world, the synagogue of satan.

    Father God, Creator Help Us All, Deliver Us From evil, Amen.

  36. If Trump is such a threat to national security why is it these articles not sent over IMMEDIATELY

  37. "Great job- "Stephanie Grisham!!"

  38. The Dems. Are deaf dumb and blind.

  39. Look at the homeless in California. Look at how they give millions of illegal immigrants "free" medical care. Now you jerk offs know how Pile o shi feels about white people. All she wants to do is turn America black.

  40. Like President, I was also born in 1946, but in Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
    My first plane trip was to visit my Irish born uncle who served in Korean War but relocated to San Francisco
    because San Francisco was warmer than Ireland or Massachusetts.

    That first visit was in 1960 when Democrats were the "Party of the Working Man" and controlled the largest cities.

    "I left my heart in San Francisco".
    I saw no poverty as I had seen in Boston and New York.
    Streets were cleanest I had ever seen!
    Did all the tourist events with my aunt and her children.
    My uncle was drinking somewhere, an undocumented casualty or the Korean War.
    The Veterans Administration never did its job for our Veterans in my lifetime, until President Trump!

    Governor Gavin Newsom and Speaker Pelosi are "Domestic Enemies of the United States", based upon my understanding as a Private First Class with the Army Security Agency fr,om 1970 to 1976.
    Have those rules also been changed by Speaker Pelosi?

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