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Growing Number Of Hospitals Sue Patients To Collect Debts | NBC Nightly News

Around one in seven families is struggling with medical debt, a struggle made more difficult by a growing number of hospitals that are suing patients to collect on overdue payments. One hospital tells NBC News that insurance companies are to blame for hitting patients with higher deductibles and copays while covering fewer services.
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Growing Number Of Hospitals Sue Patients To Collect Debts | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I hate the fact that it's mandatory to have health insurance and still the individual have a high cost of deductible.

  2. Its no wonder Americans are "SO ANGRY", with the health care situation in this country. Immigrants, cross the border, come to the ER, have their medical problems dealt with, no problem. Who pays for this medical care? Guess Who? Hard working AMERICAN CITIZENS!! People are FED UP!!

  3. Report on Bernie Sanders win!

  4. It's an outrage of monumental gravity
    if a nation is judged by its healthcare system
    we get an f-
    making its citizens feel guilty for getting sick
    and then slapping them with a bill that is
    beyond repayable
    unless you are a movie star or sell your body organs
    if they still work

  5. Im curious about something. So a late friend of mine spent a combined total of 16 months in a hospital between 2015 and 2016. She passed away in 2017 unfortunately. Does anyone know if hospitals have right to sue over debts if the patient is no longer living?

  6. the biggest problem with health care today is everyone wants a million dollar house and six 100 thousand dollar vehicles.
    and someone has to pay for this, guess who.
    today health care is all about money. kinda like a drug cartel.
    #1 drugs, illegal or legal, reproductive harm. that's your kids. understand scientist are nothing but government employees.

  7. Stop giving away your tax money to illegal Aliens and use it to pay for a better healthcare system. Illegal aliens don't have to pay the medical bill. No social security number, no credit. I see it all the time. I am a Mexican so don't bother with your humanitarian excuses. My family came here to work and we pay our taxes fare and square even when we did not have documents. We never abused the system like others do. If you keep the none sense this country would be like or worst than those countries we fled from.

  8. God is giving you a send chance to vote Bernie America. The only honest and consistent politician who can fix this for once and for all. #bernie2020

  9. Bernie is the answer so stop giving him a hard time.

  10. Tell Trump is the way. He's rich.

  11. Go Bernie go! President Bernie Sanders

  12. The USA MUST have universal health care. Medicare for all! Canadians do it. Europeans do it.

  13. The major reason I don't return to the psychiatric community the harm and loss they delivered to me is because Jesus would disapprove.

  14. Don't give Trump another term. He will end all hope of healthcare for the 🇺🇸 at a reasonable rate. No more years !

  15. Put your money in cypto where no one can touch it

  16. Don't have too many kids or even one if you can't afford it. Be a living responsible person

  17. We are drowning in medical debt, at my house ….ridiculous

  18. They only sue the working man

  19. and we brag we are number ONE in the world?.. we are the worst place to be…

  20. Oh I’m sure it was 33% you freemasons using your highest degree 33 number everywhere

  21. Imagine if you were this mother, parent, or even yourself. Do the right thing, Americans! Let's stop these blood sucking insurance companies from having so much power over whether you live or die. Medicare for all! Bernie 2020.

  22. I'm so damned disgusted that anyone has to go through this, especially a mom with 3 sick children.

  23. Trump said he already fixed healthcare. MAGA! (Morons Are Governing America!) 😁

  24. You think hospital care about you no they do not there CEO just wants profits

  25. They should move to Canada, free health care there…

  26. We will fix healthcare as soon as you stop teaching our kids not to borrow what they cannot afford.

  27. No worries I'm sure trumpcare will fix this 😂😂😂😂

  28. TRUST me socialized HC is not what it seems to be.. You want free care – great I agree.. But we are not Sweden with a low population.. We have 330 million people so care has to be diminished to take care of everyone.. In socialized HC cost over patient is key.. In what we have now you still get treated regardless.. Yes you will have to pay but you got your health.. In Socialized you would still be waiting in line and it wont be what you expect.. I say this because we are not the UK/ CANADA or EU nations we are to big for it to work..

  29. As a family member of two who have CF….It's not something that is unlucky or by chance. You carry the gene and so does your partner at which point it's nearly a 50/50 chance you have a child with CF. After the first you know this and the choice to have 4 is completely up to you. I'm someone who believes in single payer healthcare and against the current system of healthcare but to further that message we need to be informed and not spread stories like this that others can prop up against us. We need to be truthful about stories like this and still fight.

  30. We need Medicare for All! Please vote for Bernie Sanders!

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