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Guinness World Records at Butlins

Guinness World Records at Butlins

#GWR #GuinnessWorldRecords

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  1. I did this during vacation at England there in like 2010, we were trying to break the record for fastest time to make a bunkbed, we got disqualified during the official attempt. Thanks for ruining my dreams, I got a certificate for attempting it which seems a bit depressing now.

  2. Will you do this type of thing in the U.S.?

  3. i wish i could have been thier

    DO ONE IN LAS VEGAS NV!!!!!!!!

  4. wow i shouldve been there

  5. nooo
    the point is so u guys get money….

  6. *Unsubscribed

    Sorry but GWR just aren't what they used to be : (

  7. Great way to make a family closer and have fun 🙂 Props

  8. i am very close to unsubscribing

  9. wuts the table game at 1:13?

  10. Fail they left the WMV in the title though. 😛

    But anyways, that gathering looked pretty cool. So do they end up in the GWR books? 😀

  11. @hasho0o0m94 it's a youtube fail D:

  12. Wow why do they call this "world" records? Its just between the random people that showed up and perform some mundane task then they give you a piece of paper for it.

  13. WHOA! 😀 i want that to happen here!!

  14. GuinnessWorldRecords FAIL THEY FORGOT TO REMOVE .wmv

  15. Red coats are just pissed off they didn't get that job at CBBC.

  16. why is it only 3 inches,…?

  17. You asked me "u want a fuck", i said yes, can you provide me with that?

  18. I want a fuck yes, can u provide me?

  19. Lmao if u dont care, why even bother replying my comment?

  20. I live well close to here.

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