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Guinness World Records Day 2013 – Most consecutive handsprings (male)

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Tim Wade (USA) breaks the record for most consecutive handsprings by a male at Dallas’ AT&T Stadium in celebration of #GWRDay 2013.

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  1. its my couch hes couch tim! for gymnastics omg he's my couch!

  2. Hey Timmy its Lydia you did amazing I hope you read this

  3. someone broke his record with 57 backhandsprings

  4. Guess I gotta beat it now 🙂

  5. Wow I guess if I do that in real life I would be dizzy for 10 days

  6. I can't even do one! That's amazing!  

  7. Wee-man's tall brother for the win!


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  10. I don't give a …. , hahaha no it's cool (*_*)

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