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Guinness World Records – The Round Up (Ep. 17)

Guinness World Records - The Round Up (Ep. 17)

Check out the next installment of Guinness World Records – The Round Up! The show features some of the best video content to land on our desks at Guinness World Records HQ from around the globe…

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  1. @hodopoo he is from england and speaks british soccer in british is football

  2. dangers such as farts 😀

  3. 0:48 "and here he cums … yeeeaaahhh "

  4. 27 girls in one car get what im saying!

  5. Wouldnt mind having those 27 girls in my bed… oh yes I did

  6. HE'S GOT THE SKILLS TO PAY THE BILLS! oh wait he's from Communist Cuba? nevermind

  7. Hello. I am the current Guinness World Record holder for longest freestyle rap. I go by V.i.P. I want to wish everyone at Guinness a happy safe holiday.

  8. @CloudchaserShaconag 🙂

  9. @rxmendonca what did i say that made you think the world revolver around me

  10. @hodopoo Haha.. Stop being so full of yourselves and realize that the SOCCER/FOOTBALL thing only aplies in the US, and that the world doesn't revolve around you.

  11. @CloudchaserShaconag Phonebooths have been known to topple over. And if it was packed with people it could be very dangerous

  12. at 0:21 its a soccer ball not a football

  13. @posada37 Any idea why phone booths and not other things that people can get themselves hurt doing?

  14. 1:47 if only I had a semtex….

  15. It would suck if one of them farted in that mini cooper…xD

  16. @CloudchaserShaconag no its only for phone booths

  17. @everendinghockey no they are just on their way back, because they got caught outside of the kitchen

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