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Gunmen raid Balochistan hotel | Al Jazeera English

Gwadar, a city in Pakistan, is a very strategic port city and a key component to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.
Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder reports from Islamabad.

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  1. maza aa gaya map dekh ke. lol

  2. Not gunmen but terrorists backed by India, Afghanistan, USA, UK & Iran.

  3. Not happy with the map. Where is Azad Kashmir?

  4. Free Baluchistan zendabad

  5. India walo moodi aw raw se request karo jo pisa aap fazool main waste kar rahi hu us per hamari liye toilet bana lo.

  6. I honestly can care less, death to Pakistan from USA

  7. Pakistanis blaming India for everything, it's funny😂😂
    Abay bakrichod Pakistanio hum faltu ka paise Kyu lagaye tum par tumahare khud ke log bomb phodte rahte hai, Imran Khan bikh maang maang ke karz bada hi raha hai. economy tumahari waise hi sar chuki hai. Hum to sirf entertainment ka luft utha Rahe hai😂😂😂

  8. Its the information age now you dumb American CIA dinosaurs! We know you are trying to break up Pakistan from the west. This is old news. Meanwhile the Europeans don't have balls. They want to make Volkswagen and Renault factories in Pakistan to take advantage of the cheap labour, but they are confused. Idiots!

  9. ✌✌im🌹 love balochistan ✌ free balohi

  10. ✌free balochistan 🌹

  11. Meh! the value of these proxy wars and non-state elements is wearing off fast. Failed in Venezuela, Syria, Iran and will likely fail against pakistan as well.

  12. Pakistan is exploiting baloch resources to fund jehadi extremism while most baloch live in extreme poverty.

  13. Show Pak map on reality ground

  14. I dont see any ethics in being an enemy whereever there is a news about pak or india there is a long trail of abuse…very annoying and disturbing…there is so much hate speech spreading do you not care for what you speak might have an influence on the audience you are speaking to? Do you not see and understand the responsibility of public speaking? Do you think public shaming is not a crime?
    Lastly! Never reply an abusive comment its just not worth it…a person failing to understand loss of human life can never understand humanity can never have compassion or empathy can never respond with respect to anyone!!

  15. 4 gunmen facilitated by foreign entities…

    But what's more surprising is that 2 of these 4 gunmen were on missing persons list and were blamed to be held by Pakistani army and intelligence agencies…

    I wonder where are those activists now who blamed Pakistani institutions for kidnapping them…

    And these terrorists and their facilitators will never succeed… these 4 were killed by Pak Navy commandos and other Armed personal before they could inflict any damage… same will happen to all other terrorists

  16. پراکسی وار اور سلیپنگ سیلز کو ایکٹو کرنے والوں کو ہم دیکھ لیں گے سی پیک کس کس کی نگاہوں میں کھٹکتا ہے ہم جانتے ہیں ایک کلبھوشن کا کیس تو عالمی عدالت میں پہنچایا جا چکا ہے عالمی عدالت انصاف میں تاخیر سے گریز کرئے…
    Justice on the Way…

  17. Show the full map of pakistan idots


  19. Pakistan seriously has a militant problem. Should destroy all of them.

  20. Pakistan will soon fire its 280 Nuclear Missiles against every city of India, and remaining against its agents in Balochinstan. Pakistan Army Sabz Bagh.

  21. INDIA is behind it…they provide financial and weapon support to baloch and Afghan brain washed youth…who are poor and live in villages…to do the attacks..INDIA wants to disrupt the Pak China relationship.. this is a terrorist act by INDIA….

  22. Pakistan 🇵🇰 zindabad

  23. Same hotel raid needed in mumbai now

  24. Dose of their own medicine?

  25. There’s only one country who benefits from this attack…. Why would the terrorists intentionally attack foreign investors. Obviously to sabotage CPEC, which only benefits one country. 🧐

  26. Baluchistan freedoms fighter attack the Chinese investors

  27. Pakistan- communication hub after every inch of border is fenced

  28. We all know who is behind these attacks it is BLA. Baluch Seperatist who are openly supported by India it's not consipiracy or fake theory . But we are not going crazy like indian and not going into war hysteria. We know, silently our intelligence are tackling the problems. Indians got fooled on Pulwama and then again on 26 Feb by their own Gov n army. And about this attack. BLA claimed the attack and BLA terrorist are getting funding by India it's an open secret. They even get interviewed by India media few times the Baluchi seperatist. They visit India. Have you ever wondered how indians respond and we respond. We don't say attack India bla bla and go crazy because that's called trust we have in our intelligence agency. Although I m angry why they did not stop it. But still they already stopped many others which did not get notice. And look at the comments below… Indian are getting happy that's you called humanity people are getting killed. I never get any pleasure if any innocent die in a terrorist attack in India … But look at sadistic Indians. They are now brain washed by their media and become an extremist like ISIS and like their extremist RSS

  29. China should take up security in Gwadar area or else lots of attack will take place.

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