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'Gurinder Sandhu, what are you doing!?' | Marsh One-Day Cup 2019

Gurinder Sandhu was kicking himself after making an ‘Under-10’ error, failing to ground his bat coming back for a third run on the same ball he brought up his maiden Marsh One-Day Cup half-century


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  1. Sehwag did this once and Ganguly was livid.

  2. Robin uthappa was out in his first debut match like this and misbah ul haq

  3. Who remember the recent incident with rahkheem cornwall in the cpl ?
    This made me believe its just not fat people things

  4. I thought there was a new rule now which means he is not out.

    Imagine this stupid rule in Athletics.
    Bolt you ain’t at 9.58 cos you didn’t touch your foot down only your blimming hair.

  5. It's not formal.. but he crossed the line..

  6. He is a Sardar. And in India there is a joke on them about being Dumb.

  7. Damn Aussies and their feilding skills

  8. Let's face it everybody who played cricket had this kind of getting out in all walks of cricket.

  9. also reminds of Virender Sehwag😐

  10. Surinder ghandu is a quality cricketer

  11. This video remind me of misbah ul haq and Alistair cook

  12. Why don't they look at the positive 50has made.

  13. Ab rule Mai kuch changes hona shuru horahe Hain ki agar ek baar aapne stumping KE dauran per crease ke peeche rakhe KE wapas oopar utha liya aur agar USI time wicket keeper stumping karta hai to AAP out nahi maane jaayenge

  14. I can't understand what is done by him ??

  15. Sardar toh sardar hi rahega..

  16. Cancel his passport and send him back to Punjab for this crime.

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