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Hailie Deegan and father Brian Deegan on social media, crashes, Bristol | Waltrip Unfiltered Podcast

Hailie and Brian Deegan talk about the dangers of racing and motocross, social media, and Bristol.

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Hailie Deegan and father Brian Deegan on social media, crashes, Bristol | Waltrip Unfiltered Podcast

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  1. She's a spoiled little brat.plus all her videos are set up so you can't comment.not a fan ay all.show me someone who makes it without all daddy's money.whatever mike. Nothing to see here. And i don't think she can drive either

  2. I like Haile but wish her dad would stop sniffing the snow.

  3. One of the most awesome things about listening to Hailie is that she can back it up in a race car and that’s the 1-2 punch to the top

  4. McKenna Haase she is great fast in Sprint car will b fast in stock car and may be Indy car

  5. Hailie Deegan is potentially the future of NASCAR, she already has 3 wins in K&N West series. However it is a huge step to make it to Cup, so far no woman has been competitive in any of the top 3 tiers in NASCAR series. Hailie Deegan has the potential if they don't push her to fast. IMO…

  6. she spins someone out and the crowd goes yay!!!!!!.but when someone spins her out and the crowd goes boooo.go figure.

  7. Love watching her race. Hopefully she will be the face of Nascar going forward. They need the diversity and she might just be tough enough. Good luck 👍!!!

  8. Good interview. Hopefully she learns to slow down a little when she talks. I've seen a lot of people make the same comments about her and they're not wrong.

  9. She seems fantastic and if she has the time to perfect her craft then she will be a very marketable star. Attractive, great personality, and talent but the vultures rush her she will be the next Danica. But I have a feeling her dad will steer her correctly.


  11. You need a new audio guy …

  12. So very hart warming story's. You share & good times.

  13. Good to see a lady behind the wheel of a car in NASCAR… She is a Strong young woman who is going places In the world of racing ….good luck !!!

  14. I needed this laugh! The older generation, Harvick, BUSCH!!! Thanks sooo much. Love you BOTH!

  15. That's a strange looking kitchen

  16. I’m not a nascar fan, I do like the Earnhardt’s because I’m NC. I’m a Brian Deegan fan and now a Hailie Deegan fan too.

  17. Come on she is way overrated . But she does have the low IQ mentality that is needed ..

  18. Been goin to races for years, and I can tell you fancy haulers don’t win races lol

  19. Fontana with high banking and no restrictor plates 😜😈

  20. Hailie is not just going to be a great woman racer. She is going to be a great racer even in nascar just because she has that enter feeling of racing. She fully understands racing. I cant wait until her next race

  21. So annoying for some reason

  22. Brian is a class act. He and his kids are amazing.

  23. Shes Danica 2.0 all this press cause shes good looking. Theres K&N drivers that are better than her but get 0:press cause they are not good looking 18 year old girls.

  24. I cant believe people think she has a future in NASCAR.

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