Hales storm arrives in Perth to carry Thunder

England import Alex Hales hit three towering sixes and 10 fours in his 59 whirlwind that yielded 85 runs at the Optus Stadium


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    Everybody knows league T20 tournament will be fixed tournament …But I believe BBL is proper T20 league … genuine matches …But this year BBL league proved BBL is Highly Fixed tournament ..All those public who loved BBL I suggested plz Dont watch bbl .don't waste your time …Full BBL league is a Fixed tournament …know a days cricket is not a game this is business💸💸💰 …(Hurt broken as a cricket lover's) 😧

  2. Hey Australia you lost to India .. Where is the Video ? 😂

  3. Plz ecb and Morgan he leaves the drugs plz give him a chance

  4. Hales very cool innings
    My say hales back in England batting line

  5. Alex hales should be selected In Ipl cut he has the capability to play on top order and can win the game single handedly

  6. Good for karachi Kings batting line up

  7. Didn't carry them far enough me thinks🤔👍😉😁 Carn scorchers…

  8. Confusing title BBL 09 … should be like this BBL 09 / 2020

  9. Canberra witnessed halestorm
    i came here to see that but….

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    But How To 15 likes 1 Dislike And 4 Comments?

  11. Please someone tell me perfect 11 for Australian ODI tell me I will surely subscribe your channel

  12. Hales is best

  13. First one to comment please one like for cricket Australia and hale storm

  14. Sounds cool, hale and storm and also thunder together with it, just an amazing title😚

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