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Harry Nelson — Most Summer Olympic Games Attended — Guinness World Records

Harry Nelson -- Most Summer Olympic Games Attended -- Guinness World Records

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During his visit to the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games (his 18th Summer Olympics since 1932), we caught up with 90 year old Harry Nelson (USA) and his wife Dee (who has 12 Summer Olympics attendances to date). A true inspiration, here are just a few of his stories from the Record of a lifetime…

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  1. I love you Harry Nelson! I hope to connect with you someday!

  2. Lucky guy. I hope to be able to see even just one Olympic game. Hopefully it comes back to the us soon

  3. he had no camera for have of them


  5. old man deserve a gold medal. Sold his 600 dollar car just to go to the Olympic!

  6. you obviously suck at sports because most people who watch the olympics like to see the best in their sport in the whole world

  7. wtf!! sold his car to watch the olympics!?

  8. pics or it didnt happn

  9. LOL and you are? clearly my comment was a joke but your little troll brain couldnt figure it out, ill leave you to see how stupid you look

  10. Such a inspiring tale! Follow your dreams people xD

  11. My grandpa went to the olympics 20 times so……..

  12. Bless his heart 🙂

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