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Has America FINALLY Had Enough Of Trump's Anti-Semitism?

Has America FINALLY Had Enough Of Trump's Anti-Semitism?

Trump mocked Rep. Ilhan Omar just hours after one of his supporters was charged for death threats against her. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Lance Reddick, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/4/7/18299172/trump-ilhan-omar-anti-semitism-jewish-republicans

“President Donald Trump sought to drive a wedge between Jewish voters and the Democratic Party on Saturday by reigniting allegations of anti-Semitism against Rep. Ilhan Omar — just hours after one of his supporters was charged for threatening to kill her.

Speaking before the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual convention in Las Vegas on Saturday, Trump referenced a weeks-old controversy involving Omar, a first-term Democrat from Minnesota and one of the first Muslim women to serve in Congress.

In February, Omar alleged on Twitter that pro-Israel sentiment in Washington was being bought by pro-Israel lobbyists. Her remarks prompted politicians from both parties to condemn her remarks, with some labeling them as anti-Semitic. The Congress member later apologized for her tweets.

On Saturday, Trump gave Omar a back-handed compliment about the dust-up.

“Special thanks to Rep. Omar of Minnesota,” the president said. “Oh, I almost forgot. She doesn’t like Israel … I’m so sorry!”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Lance Reddick

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Lance Reddick


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  1. 'I'm the best thing that could happen to Israel' 😜
    'I'm the BEST POTUS that ever lived!' 😜
    'Ppl would be poor if it weren't for ME' 😜
    I had the biggest crowd! Way bigger than Obama's, the biggest ever! 😜


  2. Omfg HE MAKES ME 🤢🤮 Dual loyalties???? He's FULL of them. He'd make a great KKK Grand Wizard. Talking out of BOTH sides of his mouth.

  3. Uncle dick below feels DUMP TRUMP will fix the healthcare. Ok dumbarse explain how this is going to happen . The lump of shit you follow like a sheep has had over TWO YEARS to come p with a plan . Still nothing ! Over TWO YEARS to start building a wall . Still nothing. Over TWO YEARS to get the pharmaceutical companies to lower their prices . Still nothing . Shall I continue bringing up real facts Uncle Dickhead or am I wasting my time on a braindead Trump lover .


  5. JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. DUMP TRUMP. What is the matter with you Americans? Is there any one who gives a damn ?

  6. Turn the tables on hypocracy.
    Oh, I'm sorry, he doesn't like spanish people!
    Hah, rump is a standing joke man, playing his audience. Guy acts like he has morals, integrity and ANY type of decency.

  7. Does the black guy sitting there have any knowledge of what you and Anna are talking about?? Doesn't seem like it.🤔

  8. Words have consequences.
    We in Europe learned the hard way. Hence our further infringement on free speech than just slander and libel.

  9. Trump does not know how to be diplomatic. Acts like a low class person.

  10. Reminder of how bad Obama circular firing squad comment about progressives is

  11. Dump, you're such a puke! You and your zombie followers.

  12. He didn’t threaten her life. He just said some things.

  13. Another example of regressives ignoring facts.

  14. I,m amazed at how the Jewish people have fell in line with this moron

  15. Hell, this whole country represents total absence of elementary decency…

  16. Its weird their up in arms over the chance of anti semitism, but nothing when its anti black. I cant believe white people dont see the similarities!!! STOP PICKING BATTLES AND FIGHT THEM ALL!!!!

  17. Trump probably receive death threats everyday and people on the left like y'all still demonize him… Hypocrisy in my opinion

  18. I have no regard for the POtuS's life. If someone kills him, if he dies of a stroke, heart attack, choking on a bigmac, hit in the head with a golf ball. I will celebrate that he is gone! I will not threaten in any way, but I pray for his death every day,

  19. I appreciated and respected this country before ….. but after this strange creature was chosen as president of this country, unfortunately I lost my appreciation and respect for this country

  20. So far no one can stop him. So maybe he get 4 more years🤢🤮🤮🤮

  21. Trump is making America great 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  22. Trump doesn't understand that there's a division between Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Jewish people. Israel is important to all three, but to say that any Reform (The overwhelming majority in the U.S) or even Conservative Jewish person would sever ties with the Democrat party just for the sake of a false narrative that Democratics are anti-Israel is so, so friggin stupid.

  23. Nice try but his daughters jewish, he's moved the US embassy to Jerusalem's, endorses the indexation of the Golan Heights to ensure Israel's security.

    So anti semitic 😂

    Omar is a rabid anti semite, her religion requires it.

  24. "pipe bombs"? or fake pipe bombs for a psy-op?

  25. No country want to support you Donald because they can see what you've done to America and they don't want that to happen to their country.
    You're a dipshit Donald….

  26. Democrats are weak. Had this was the other way around, Republicans would never let it end; instead, Nancy (piece of dog shit) Pelosi and Chuck (the duck) Schumer is walking on egg shells standing in a closet hoping no one sees them. You can’t blame Republicans for being jackasses, but the Dems are lost without purpose and agenda.

  27. I sense massive confusion here.

  28. holy shit is that lance reddick

  29. Americans have had enough of Democrats attacking America just because they lost the election and don't like Trump. Grow up.

  30. Trump's attempt at humour is playground level stuff…….again.

  31. Ok so just 2 points….

    1. Thank tyt for pointing out the white nationalist psychos thought they were entitled and privelaged. Because they were arrested so that cleary shows whether you think so or not there isnt nearly as much male/ white privelage as ppl think there is. So thank you

    2. Since 2016 trump supporters have committed 100 violent crimes. So 100 crimes in about 3 years. Sounds like alot right? Well in 2017 ALONE there were 1.28 million violent crimes committed. So 100 outta 1.28 mil….can someone gimme a stat on that?

  32. Dont no if usa is sick of him but every other country except russia and nth korea is !

  33. Trump anti-semitic? that's beyond retarded… even for the young turks. Trump's MIGA campaign speaks for itself.

  34. Trump needs to keep his mouth shut

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