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'He Died Like A Coward' President Trump Announces Death Of Al-Baghdadi | Meet The Press | NBC News

In remarks from the White House, President Trump announces the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after a raid by U.S. forces in Syria.
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‘He Died Like A Coward’ President Trump Announces Death Of Al-Baghdadi | Meet The Press


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  1. This guy should kiss YPG's shoe bottom these were bloody angels.

  2. No one:
    Trump: A bow Ba Car Big daddy

  3. Look at all the Isis supporters upset about their hero Baghdadi being defeated

  4. Trump hasn't got a clue,you can't polish a turd.(even an orange one)

  5. It's a Arabic phrase: He died like a dog is a humiliation in arabic, in arabic we say مات زي الكلب. Dogs in islam is viewed not hygienic.

  6. Bush and Obama's mistakes being cleaned up!

  7. Trump all thugs go down badly.
    You are a thug to and you day will come to.

  8. My fondest wish is that Trump spends his "final hours in office" in Total Fear regarding popular opinion regarding his place in public history, and also his "place" after he leaves office – which I hope is a prison cell.

  9. he declared the chaliphate and he wasn't afraid,and you telling me now he was afraid because he going to die?please make smarter lies next time!

  10. I’m glad they got him, but Trump should have thanked our Military FIRST, at the beginning not the end😡

  11. Everytime Trump sais "Big Daddy" You have to take a shot.

  12. Now the almighty God will judge him for all his evil deeds. There won't be any virgins.

  13. U know that well there are. Those boys. Left like that ..

  14. Trump is the biggest coward that has ever sat in the white house. What an embarrassment.

  15. Trump pitiful he does not have a clue

  16. Well done US special forces from the UK.🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧

  17. Also, as a side note, it's interesting that most of the people worshipping Trump in these comments can't spell or use proper grammar…

  18. Why is America's message now one of fear and threats? Fair enough that you fight your enemies, but hyperbolic rhetoric trying to instigate an atmosphere of fear is disgusting.

  19. …. the US,.. with coalition assistance,.. finally corner fugitive, terrorist thug Bagaddi.
    But,.. instead of staying and fighting,.. and dying alongside his men,… he runs away, leaves them behind and deserts them !!
    Then,.. he kills 3 innocent children when he bombs his ar$e !!
    A pitiful, pathetic turd !!!

  20. Would sab thik hai
    But Riya I still love u😘

  21. trump has bars for days…And its all lies like them rappers,,,,,,

  22. God bless Trump for this very Bold announcement.

  23. American liberals r the absolute worst. TRUMP2020.

  24. ISIS losers. Where are the Islam religion of peace leaders praises for Trump .

  25. …I keep hearing CNN and fake west news saying al bagidaddy died an isis hero's death, a great martyr to terrorists worldwide and a brave tribal leader.

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