Health Nuts Swap Diets With Junk Food Addicts

“So, I‘m eating grass?”


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  1. My guilty pleasure is crisps uhhhh

  2. Doesn’t YB look like rosalee from grim

  3. Who even craves green juice

  4. I see a bunch of people who keep saying

    “stop saying YB looks healthier cause she’s skinnier it’s just her metabolism”

    But like I’ve not actually seen anyone comment that 😂

  5. If you’re healthy, it means you have money

  6. I don't like how the "junk food addict" said that she didn't want to give up chicken wings, burgers, and pizza. You DO NOT have to give up those things! More people are switching their diet because we are starting to realize that heavily processed foods are often high in processed sugar and empty calories. More people are looking for gluten-free options because we've come to realize that gluten damages the lining of the small intestine. Just take it easy on sugary, wheaty processed foods! Get rid of the processed sugar and scary additives! Try sugar alcohols. Maintain your health and have energy!

  7. THIS! This entire video shows that moderation is key! I love it

  8. Me: She should eat more vegetables

    Me: takes bite of Dorito and slowly sips hot chocolate

  9. In all seriousness, your diet should not be your identity/a personality trait.

  10. How is the unhealthy girl so skinny

  11. Sky is the girl from markian yoga friend video

  12. Stop complaining. Everyone can eat junk and stay skinny. No it's not metabolism.

  13. I’m not saying eat 100 burgers a day but you only live once so might as well enjoy it

  14. will always remember what a classmate said to me once, that food is medicine. junk food is like drugs. you become addicted to how healthy food makes you feel, vs the temporary high a fatty and sweet processed or salty fix gives you.

  15. How is the unhealthy girl so skinny

  16. “All I wanna do is get a giant green juice to cleanse the sugar out of my system” my brain has left the chat

  17. I dont understand why the healthy girl even bothered accepting this challenge, she didn't even try to stick to it for the sake of an experiment or otherwise. The entire thing ended up being pointless.

  18. “How often we talk about health”
    Damn how boring are your conversations

  19. Bunch of over-dramatic liars.

  20. When it comes to food, people should think with their brains, not their tongues.
    You are what you eat. That asian girl eats crap and looks amazing… good genes I guess. And I really don't believe she eats pizza and burgers every day 😉
    Healthy vegan food is the way to go 💚

  21. I don’t know why But I just assumed it was the other way around

  22. Am I the only one who finds YB the absolute sweetest and beautiful. And she actually tries really hard in challenges unlike Sky❤️

  23. Idc what y’all say it’s an experiment, she didn’t deliver what we wanted to see, they shouldn’t have put her in this video at all.

  24. I hate healthy chick lol . she didn’t even do the challenge.

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