Healthy Eating – Portion Control

Learn how to control your eating by setting up a plate to give you proper portions of each food group.

Candy Cumming, a former Sharp registered dietitian, explains suggested amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables.

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  1. this is why I always stock up on both brocolli and carrots in the fridge haha. perfect foods! was having too much starch and you need some but veg as you said. need to work on balance and portion control of the food types now

  2. this is great! how many times a day should you have a meal of this size? should it be half that amount each for lunch and breakfast. sonetimes my breakfast is way too big , its like it sets me up for energy that I won't be burning accidently
    but bigger meals like this are perfect in the evening to last you through the night i find. about 7pm

  3. Skip the potato and you will be healthier

  4. Im an 85 pound 7th grader 😥

  5. Please miss, about the timings of intake

  6. What about 2nd or 3rd plate 🙄

  7. This should help, thanks! I'll have to tone this down every time I have a meal. Im planning on eatting a meal only 2 times a day, both consitting of a "palm" of protein, two "fists" of veggies, and some sort of wheat, may be like a roll or something. If im still not feelin full I'll eat some of my favorite fruits like bananas, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple etc.

  8. Thank you… But can you please tell me how to poop…
    I'm feeling uncomfortable from past ten years…😖

  9. This only works in America. I walked miles to go to school back in Africa. I ate a lot and was always super skinny. Walked walked walked to 98% of my destinations. Now in America, I eat much less and Oh lalala fat me 😔…

  10. If you’re like me, and like meat more than vegetables, do this.

    1/2 the plate, make it the main thing (meat, beans, fish, tofu, whatever)

    1/4 Veggies

    1/4 fruit or salad or something

    And then for drinks:

    A little bit of soda, but drink water too

    Some juice

    Or some plain old water.

  11. This meal once of twice per day ?

  12. is it ok to reduce more carbs? I mean right now it's like 3 fistful of hand = veggies, 1/2fist = protein, 1/2 fist = rice. SOmetimes i dont do rice. What I do to not get starving is to get hydrated all the time.

  13. I honestly like this way of eating as you can still enjoy your fav foods. No restrictions like no carbs(keto) or no animal products(vegan).

  14. if you're a cardio machine you NEVER have to think about portion control. just educate yourself on nutrition and re-condition your body so it doesn't have the cravings which you have put there (bad fats, excessive sugar and salt, and alcohol). it takes discipline, but like regular exercise, you eventually come to a place where both the exercise and healthy eating are something to look forward to.

  15. Just eat a lot of meat and go to gym to get fit

  16. You changed my life, I’m so happy that I found you

  17. Can this help if i work out st the gym and ate what u suggest. Will they help me more then be healthy but loose weight and maintain a thin and gorgeouse body

  18. How how many serving of fruits?

  19. This is brilliant! Ive never thought of it this way. Learned a lot from this. Thanks so much!

  20. Dam this video old. I was 8 years old

  21. Im following cuz the last name

  22. Candy Cumming.. if you'll excuse the pun!

  23. My goodness ! How do you westerner grow fat. ?

  24. I am obsessive and compulsive about limiting portion sizes, counting calories and eating healthy. Is that normal?

  25. I should eat more vegetables

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