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HEALTHY LIVING a Revolutionary Documentary About the Unknown Facts About Health


Healthy Living is a mini documentary about leading a healthy lifestyle. The film reveals several unconventional concepts and tips to leading a healthy lifestyle. Moreover it delves deeper into studying health at the cellular level, unravelling facts about the PH balance, breathing techniques and dietary changes etc.

The film is based on Paul Robinson’s audio coaching programme titled The Inner Game of Success. The film also features health tips from the world’s leading medical professionals, nutritionists and authors on the subject of health.

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  1. We are advising some principle to cure/maintain the health as
    * total consuming of water is varying according to geography from 2.

    1)  morning drinking of 1 liter of water at empty stomach 
    2) not to drink water during the water and consume after 2 hours, 
    3) takes food at the intervals of 2 – 2.5 hours
    4) takes res lying on the left side after lunch and walk 21 miles after lunch to bed. 
    5) avoids all too hot, too pungent / chill, any narcotics

  2. Please tell me how to eliminate waste 3x/day. I’m thinking they must be vegetarians. Please share if you do Wilmarie this much.

  3. Excellent advice…and THANK YOU for not trying to sell a pill at the end of it! Agree that there are waaayyy too many ads! two or three, tops, at this video length.

  4. These truths are why the skies are being sprayed with chemtrails and even if you avoid the chemtrails in laundry detergent and fabric softeners or body soaps lotions etc > the chemtrails are effecting your health > Google: Natural remedies for pollution & Chemtrails and check with your Doctor for possible allergies or side effects of medication interactions because GOOD HEALTH IS GREAT WEALTH.

  5. Just out of interest, my friend is a general oriental practitioner, his name is Dheai and has a channel on youtube.
    He told me in previous workshops and lessons that we never breathe through our mouth in or out. We always inhale slowly through the nostrils imagining refreshing the chest to the head and then drawing the breath down into the diaphram imagining to the toes, hold for 2-3 seconds then exhale through the nostrils a little faster than when inhaling.
    He knows a breath exercise for moving lymph, breath of fire, done through nostrils.
    He says mouth breathing is not good for organs and disrupts process, the only time we should is when we need to expell lots of carbon dioxide at once like when running
    Where as the guy here says exhale through the mouth, just thought i would out this out there someone might find interest 🙂

  6. Nice video mere channel per ek Baar jaroor aao

  7. wonderful i just loved the video. Thank you for the insight so well

  8. I think the foundation of health is the mitochondria -the production of energy at the cellular level. And, yes, the environment, including pharmaceuticals, damages mitochondria.

  9. I think this is generally a good documentary that raises awareness of the importance of health at the cellular level. A red flag came up for me when I heard talk that you should eliminate bowel 5 times a day. Really? This is akin to the statement you should drink 8 glasses of water per day. There is zero science behind such statements. It's advice that is pulled out of thin air and is possibly harmful.

  10. Great video. Health is our most prized possession. We have to take care of ourselves before we get sick, instead of just treating the symptoms. Thanks!

  11. I guess those who disliked this video are sick?

  12. No exercise or diet will make you live longer. Your length of life is based on your genes. We all have an inherited predisposition to certain illnesses that will kill us despite exercise or diet. Maybe cancer, heart attack, whatever. A real bad life style may bring this on this illness earlier but you would really have to go OTT for this to happen. Plenty of fit athletes have died young and plenty of fat people have lived into their late eighties. Finally :- Winston Churchill drank a bottle of brandy a day plus wine. He was extremely overweight, smoked cigars and took no exercise. He died aged 90

  13. Sponsorship of Hungry Jacks certainly added some credibility!
    You couldn't buy the influence of these guys.

  14. This was an amazing documentary…

  15. This was cool i actually learned something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#####

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