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Heaven on Earth | The Story of God

Heaven on Earth | The Story of God

Syan Superovi and David Brotherson experience what heaven on earth is for a Hindu faith.
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About The Story of God:
Today, for better or worse, the power of religion touches all of our lives, no matter what our faith. This is Morgan Freeman’s journey to discover how our beliefs connect us all. This is the quest of our generation. This is the Story of God.

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Heaven on Earth | The Story of God

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  1. Atheist: it just a lie
    Theist: we believe God will punish you all atheist
    Agnostic: so ah what category I am is???

  2. Supernatural Lord (GOD) "Shiva" is Everything! All Truth in One Mass Power! I'm Proud to say.. Ancient Hindu Religious Built For Creating Healthy Environments on Earth. "OM" Vibes Describes Everything!

  3. Ur means village in tamil ,
    Khemir – kumar- kumaran means young prince
    Suriyan means the sun
    Varman means "no equal "
    Agam means inner
    Ur means village
    Agam+ ur = anghor
    Wat – varai or valam means place or drawing
    Anghor wat now deformed tamil word
    So you have to read chola dinesty which ruled more than 1000year in tamil land big temple of tanjore habe similarity and ranjendra chola had extensive navy which ruled till vitetnam, cambodia, indonesia, java, part of china ,singapore etc

  4. The Hindu Interpretation of miraculous creation.
    Proud to be a Hindu

  5. It is obvious to me that there are different ways to believe that there is a God. I for one am a believer. I think as long as you believe that God exists it is fine with me

  6. You posted buddah i went there

  7. We also had more of beautiful temples in India but Islamic invaders and rulers destroyed many of them and built mosques over them. It's just so sad.

  8. 0:05 it looks like a clash of clans base

  9. jagalah iman dan taqwa kepada tuhan yang maha esa

  10. Hindus according to custom after death, body is burned, and the ashes are scattered in the Ganga River. Bodies are not buried like like in the abrahamic religions. So the king must definitely not be buried there.

  11. God is very good. But we are tucked up. Simple

  12. My Lord Vishnu is the supreme even higher than Brahma and Shiva. As written in Gita

  13. that moment hindusim is more peaceful than atheism.

  14. religions something that's made up like I could just make up something today and thousands of years from now it's a religion?💯

  15. Who ever dislikes is a person who believes in the devil and are stupid

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