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Her Secret Method For Weight Loss Will Blow Your Mind | Liz Josefsberg on Health Theory

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This week’s guest on Health Theory is Liz Josefsberg. She is a celebrity health, wellness and weight loss expert and the author of Target 100: The World’s Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps. In this episode she discusses her approach to weight loss, why most people have trouble eating healthy and how technology can help you get healthier.

Check out Target 100: https://bit.ly/2Sg6KJf

Why weight loss starts in the mind [01:08] How to dig deep by starting with food [05:08] The power of daily habits [08:31] How to refuse your own excuses [13:07] How believing in yourself can change your identity [15:49] Why you need to cheer yourself on [19:31] How to keep promises to yourself [26:14] The importance of planning out your meals [28:52] Why you shouldn’t give up your favorite food [31:33] How to change the way you talk to yourself [34:09] What everyone can do to improve their health [36:20] The things you should and shouldn’t be tracking [41:56] The scale that helps you overcome the fear of the scale [48:50]

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  1. Oh I cried watching this. One of the best interviews on dieting, diet mentality and psychology. Epic

  2. My trigger is ginger nut cookies. Ginger nut cookies better watch their backs in my place😜

  3. Do natural popular lose weight methods like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We have noticed many awesome things about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  4. A lot of yapping and very little sound information

  5. And we are getting fatter and fatter, how many new weight watchers programs do we have. One every year, simply doesn’t work, brainwashing on the highest level. Boo

  6. This is so true. I’ve recently gained around 30 pounds just because of stress from my job. If I wasn’t stressed, I could look after myself alot better.

  7. Hi I can’t get into your website

  8. I am trying to figure out what are the best food choices. Is an apple really better than a snickers bar? The snickers is higher in protein and the chocolate has antioxidants. I wish someone actually knew the answer to microbiome repair. Fortuneately, I am super healthy, but want to STAY healthy. I am studying people over 100 and it seems the only thing they have in common is enjoyment of life.

  9. Loved this interview. Great an amazing infos 👌

  10. I listen to this until its inbedded in my subconscious love her interview i will get her book

  11. Love her! Boy, everything she says makes sense! Thank you for having her over!

  12. A Great presentation 👍👍
    Tom is so structured in the interview giving Liz evough time to speak.
    Liz is super fantastic. She just changed my approach to my weight loss journey.❤️❤️

  13. Just discovered this channel and loving it. Every interview I’ve watched was so informative and inspiring.

  14. ….IMHO: For most people,… "Eating, 3 meals a day", has become a "LIFE LONG, DAILY, HABIT"!!! It's NOT going to be easy to suddenly change it. It's simple, though!!… "quit eating" as often, or as much as you used to, until you get back to a Good Attitude", and Goal!

  15. There's no "secrets" to anything, only systems.

  16. This video was for me. 30+ years with Weight Watchers and your assessment is spot on. WW teaches you to avoid fats at all costs and jack up on artificial sweeteners. Eat as many “zero” foods as possible. Nothing you eat from this type of plate will satiate hunger. I’m moving on. I will give credit that I’ve kept off all my weight for this time, except pregnancies. But it was a true struggle.

  17. interesting how brain works….when i feel guilty for eating too much i just dont eat longer…some eat more

  18. Wish she would do an app for tracking carbs, water, movement etc. there’s nothing that tracks carbs quite right.

  19. Awwwwsum dialogue.
    Awwwwsome Show Host….treated her w respect & let her have the floor! 💫

  20. TL;DR
    Forgive yourself and keep trying

  21. I’ve suffered with binge eating all my life caused by starvation diets so this is so spot on , excessive exercise and diets make you fat , the only way I lost weight and kept it of was the fasting and swimming nothing intense ..,

  22. Thank you to Liz for being so honest and candid about her own experiences and struggles because most people don't want to admit them, let alone talk about them. You can tell that she still struggles with her triggers but at the same time, this is a way that everyone should be dealing with them, by recognizing them, being conscious of them, and controlling it, but not in such a rigid fashion that makes it difficult for one's self, creating a sense of shame and guilt on those "bad days".. We all need to enjoy life too..! right..?

    Just be conscious, try to eat intuitively, try to ADD more healthy foods instead of taking away bad foods because that creates a sense of deprivation. Make a plan, revise your plan, and add to it so it seems easy.. Plan for different scenarios, like holidays and special occasions, vacations and get togethers..

    For me, it's about snacking. And I can't just "snack" 100 calories and call that a snack.. My snacks can get out of control.. haha. Not about fast food, alcohol or whatever..

  23. It's much more simpler than that. Once you decide to change your life, to love yourself and respect the Temple given you, you will know EXACTLY how to live. You will not need anything other than a DECISION, A PHILOSOPHY that establishes new PRINCIPLES in your life, FAITH, SELF-LOVE / COMPASSION and PATIENCE to walk your journey. That's all Folks. Never spend another penny on any so called "program". You know what to do, just decide whether you're going to do it or not – i.e. whether you want to live or not and the quality of life you want. No point to a long and miserable life. How about : Whatever life you have as the gift of time – it be splendid, healthy at the best of your ability and happy? This process is working for me. I will never look back!

    I don't have to be perfect, but I'm getting better, stronger everyday – much to the chagrin of the jealous. I look forward to having great fun "defanging" my enemies and frenemies! But most important of all, I will be having greater fun in seeing the positive repercussions of self-reflection, a willingness to learn and grow, and a commitment to excellence manifest themselves in all areas of my life.

    I commend positively all those who do the work of trying to help in this maze of health and weight loss. At the end of the day, it's all up to me what I decide to . I have decided to live – REALLY LIVE!!!!

  24. What an amazing video! Thank you!

  25. I've become good at not buying the wine but then theres ubereats and they deliver wine. i should delete the app

  26. Please never stop doing these videos. I hope you see your IMPACT!

  27. She’s making health and weight loss a flow. That we just follow the flow of our bodies. Thanks for this interview Tom.

  28. I’ve enjoyed listening to her techniques. I like the simplicity to her explanations. Glad I clicked play!

  29. That was wholesome in best way possible

  30. I think establishing integrity within yourself is the secret to living a fulfilling life.

  31. Everyone knows what to eat and what not to eat…. It's ALL willpower. Unless you're a kid.

    Westernized diet bad… If it's from a package, factory or advertised… DON'T EAT IT.

    You're welcome!!

  32. I work at Sleep Number and SLEEP NUMBER BEDS….track your sleep and are designed to optimize your sleep. What she said is true: Sleep is 1/3 of your overall health along with diet and exercise. Message me and I can answer questions.

  33. Everything is my fault is answer to life <3.

  34. Really useful video 💕💕💕

  35. I was expecting "self-love or self-compassionate" from her as an answer to the last question of Tom.She really let me down🤦🏻‍♀️oh mann…hydration😬how about mental health…

  36. i think i kinda found my cause in terms of not losing weight…i walk maximum 1000 steps in a day..(even maybe not that much)Actually This is UN BE LIEVE ABLE…she is considering "less" as walking around 3k -5k steps …if i walk 3k-5k steps once in a blue moon , i found myself incredibly exhausted…This is soooo sad😱i think this should be my first target to improve on a daily basis👍Thanks Liz:)

  37. My hunger for food is mostly in my mind.

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